Tax Reporting & Strategy

Global tax transparency and risk management

An opportunity hidden in plain sight

What does this mean for tax operations, strategy and budgets?

Unlock the power of data and turn tax into a strategic business asset

Check out how PwC’s new TRACK Insights™ can help transform your tax department

Data is the new business currency.
Is your business cashing in?

Data is the new business currency. Is your business cashing in?

Watch and learn how actionable, data-driven insights can lead to extraordinary results

Tax Reporting & Strategy

Redesign, redefine, and redeploy tax to be a strategic business asset

Many tax departments are struggling with complex compliance and reporting requirements, complicated data manipulation and manual processes that create risk. Adding to these challenges are limited resources with the capacity to help with strategic tax planning, as well as a lack of collaboration with finance and other business functions, causing inefficiencies across the organization.

Tax departments are taking a closer look at their key assets, including people, process, data, and technology to help create value for their businesses. In addition, organizations are expanding the role of their tax professionals to include research and analytics; while leveraging enabling technologies to improve performance and collaboration.

Reshaping the role of tax for a changing tomorrow

Our Tax Reporting & Strategy practice helps you see tax from a new angle by leveraging people, processes, data, and technology to increase value to the broader business.

We can work with you to:

  • assess your tax department and provide strategy and solutions to help improve your tax function’s performance
  • redesign your existing tax accounting processes, embed controls, and adopt tax provision technologies that can address complex global tax accounting needs
  • custom-configure our Tax Operations Manager (TOM) tool to provide workflow, collaboration, and document management that works with your out of the box SharePoint™ platform and drives process improvement, transparency, and efficiency
  • leverage data warehouses, data marts, and other reporting tools to organize and automate tax data flow
  • align your enterprise resource planning efforts with tax requirements for improved availability and access to tax-sensitized data that can be effectively integrated into tax technology tools
  • transform your tax provision and compliance processes by leveraging our corporate compliance and analytics tools, Corporate Tax Reporting (CTR), and CTR Insights™
  • create efficiencies in your asset management (AM) tax function by leveraging our suite of AM specific technologies, focused on Sub-K compliance and analytics: TRACK, TRACK Insights™, Total M-1, DEXTR, and POST
  • address global compliance needs through our network of local country compliance service teams and our Integrated Global Compliance Services (IGCS) platform, a web-based portal designed to collaborate and address your compliance needs around the world.