Legal Business Solutions

We empower law departments and law firms to think differently, work more effectively, advance innovation and leverage modern technologies that unlock value across the entire legal ecosystem.

Advancing Legal as a strategic value driver

You’re no doubt busier than ever, dealing with complex regulations, business transactions and a host of risk management considerations.

To keep up, law departments and law firms must modernize. That means evolving with the pace of business, handling difficult matters with the same or fewer resources and enhancing legal service delivery models.

PwC can help you advance your team as a strategic value driver. We’ll work with you to rethink your organization’s design, optimize processes and leverage foundational technologies. With our help, you’ll unlock value, create new ways of working and better manage your law department.

Our service offerings

Our Legal Business Solutions team helps corporate attorneys, law departments and law firms think differently, work efficiently, innovate effectively and, ultimately, deliver the right outcomes for their clients. We’ll help you deploy the expertise and technologies you need to focus on higher-value work, control costs and better manage risk and information in your increasingly complicated practice. We offer several service lines across multiple disciplines:

Law department modernization

We can help your organization optimize its law department, unlock new value and better align with the strategic goals of the business. Our services include assessments, benchmarking, organizational design, process optimization, strategic and technology roadmaps, outside counsel strategy, law department integration, cost reduction and containment, reporting and analytics.

Contract solutions

We can help you address aspects of the contract lifecycle, including playbook development, technology selection and implementation, compliance monitoring, Contract Lifecycle Management (CLM) platform maintenance and management of data, obligations and repository, template harmonization and contract review, drafting, negotiation and performance. 

Legal technology and digital strategy

We help you develop a digital strategy and determine your legal-related technology needs. We can assist with business case development, process and system design, implementation, data migration, architecture and integration, testing, reporting, training and change management, post go-live support, automations, self-service and data insights, among other services.

Outside counsel and vendor management

We work with law practices to better manage vendor and outside counsel relationships through requests for proposals (RFP), data analytics, outside counsel billing guidelines, communication and change management, vendor selection, reporting, analytics and eBilling/MM refresh. 

Legal Managed Services

We can help you better manage your resources and costs by providing support with day-to-day legal tasks and operations, and overseeing your organization's legal technology, allowing you to focus on more strategic, value-add work. You can also leverage our on and offshore delivery teams to unlock global expertise whenever needed.

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Information governance

We help you manage and govern the high volume of corporate information and data assets within your business ecosystem. With dedicated experts in information, data and records governance and policies, we also leverage innovative technologies and tools (including those you already possess in-house) to assist you in managing data throughout its lifecycle and address legal obligations and regulatory concerns.

Legal holds & eDiscovery

We can help you assess, enhance, design, implement and operate a more robust and leading legal hold and eDiscovery program. Whether that be a fully internal team, a hybrid arrangement with key vendors, or a fully outsourced model (eDiscovery managed services), we can help with the governance, procedures, and considerations around specific technologies, and how they may integrate with other enterprise systems.


We help support your risk management efforts for Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) regulations and standards and advise on ESG responsibilities and disclosures. We can help develop ESG-focused contracts, provide board training, advice on disclosures and liabilities and more. Our proprietary legal technology lets us evaluate ESG risk and compliance and helps you develop an ecosystem that integrates regulatory requirements with leading industry practices.

Deal support

We help you manage your deal-related work. Our services include contract diligence and disposition, SPA obligation management, IPO readiness, Day 1 readiness, target operating model for the law department, synergy capture, legal tech integration, data and knowledge management, and post-close integration with respect to acquisitions, divestitures, spin-offs, and other deals. 

Crisis management

A crisis situation can disrupt operations, damage reputations, destroy shareholder value, and trigger other threats. We can help your legal team prepare and maintain control of the various aspects of your crisis response with data analytics, live reporting, modeling, crisis preparedness planning and strategic advice, so you’ll be prepared to tackle crises with confidence and clarity, and emerge stronger.

Cloud for Legal

We bring together PwC’s legal industry capabilities, services, and technology with Microsoft’s state-of-the-art cloud solutions. Using Microsoft tools and PwC’s proprietary solutions as its foundation, we help your company’s law department work more effectively, efficiently and strategically by helping make sure your legal function has the right systems and processes in place for your specific needs and goals.

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PwC US does not provide legal advice or opinion in the United States. Access our Global site to find where our 3,700 Law Firm attorneys around the world are based. PwC US refers to United States member firms. Each member firm is a separate legal entity.

Advancing Legal as a strategic value driver series

Advancing Legal as a strategic value drive is a series that includes insights through webcasts, articles and videos that can help law departments and law firms discover ways to think differently, work more effectively, advance innovation and leverage technology to drive impact to the business.

The journey towards a modern law department; are you fit for growth?

The Office of General Counsel has a key role in the growth strategy of companies, as leaders who help drive and preserve value. And with the current pace and complexity in the capital markets, it’s even more important for CLOs and GCs to be actively part of the business growth strategy, and have a seat at the table with the CEO, CFO and COO.

Explore more on how to efficiently manage risk while growing capacity, how to build or reshape organizations to have the right mix of people, process and technology to meet the needs of increasingly complex businesses, and what success looks like for law departments from the C-Suite perspective.

Achieving ROI through Legal’s data

In an increasingly fast-paced business environment, lack of visibility and delays in the flow of information can introduce risk and uncertainty. But Legal, Procurement and Compliance can contribute to revenue growth through the strategic use of contract and regulatory data.

Join us for a conversation with Anu Sachdeva, Legal Operations Manager at Amazon Studios. We will discuss why regulatory response operations have become increasingly important, the way they interlock with operating units and regulatory finance to manage legal matter insights, and the benefits of and how to use a contract clearinghouse system to support these efforts.

Leadership and Legal Ops – Designing an empowered and upskilled organization

By fostering a growth mindset and making intentional organizational decisions, Legal leaders can create a true human-led, tech-powered approach that drives results and empowers their team.

Join us for a conversation with Kim Wolfe, Managing Director, Legal Strategy, Innovation and Administration at Wells Fargo, and Lorna Curry, Chief Legal Operations Counsel at GE Vernova. We’ll discuss the impact of industry and departmental culture on change management and growth, perspectives on crucial training areas for legal ops and legal teams, and other relevant upskilling considerations.

Contracting: Bringing value and efficiency to the business

Effective Contract life-cycle management (CLM) is critical to the delivery and growth in business performance, but is often full of dynamic and complex considerations. How are leading companies providing tangible benefits to the business by reducing friction, increasing speed to market and contributing to top-line revenue growth?

Join us for a conversation with Elizabeth Richter, Supply Management Manager at Google, and Greg Bennett, Director of Legal Operations at Workday, where we share and discuss perspectives and examples on how the business benefits from consistency and coordination in the contracting process, broader visions for contracting, and how to get started on creating value for the business.

Innovation in the Legal Domain - AI

Legal function transformation is essential to support broader business transformation and growth. To achieve this, legal departments are increasingly finding an ally in artificial intelligence (AI), a game-changing technology contributing by some measures up to $15.7 trillion to the global economy by 2030.

Learn more about how law departments are leveraging AI, while considering the right focus areas and risk considerations, including ethical and emerging related regulation.

Tech-enabling the modern law department

How are you using tech for contracting, matter alignment and spending? Are you working cohesively to harness the power of your legal data? Identifying and implementing relevant technological solutions may help you. The second topic in our series discusses how, as the legal function continues to mature, there is increased adoption of ever advancing technology, and a new focus for law departments on how to make use of the best and most appropriate applications, workflows and resources to support contract lifecycle management (CLM), enterprise legal management (ELM), legal knowledge management (LKM), and other core functions.

The four tenets for law department modernization

The topic focuses on the foundation to help you drive your strategy forward: develop a diverse, agile, and collaborative workforce, create a practice that’s aligned and scalable to the overall business, bring data agility to strategic decision-making, and become platform driven.