Insourced Solutions for Tax (IST)

Delivering scalable, tax managed services solutions across the globe

A distinctive Tax Managed Services solution

PwC is uniquely experienced in helping our clients solve their most pressing tax issues. Insourced Solutions for Tax (IST), our tax managed services solution, leverages our functional experience and gives you access to resources, processes, and tools we’ve developed to help you solve your most common challenges and focus on your organization’s strategic priorities.

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Take on your challenges. Transform your function:

Navigating a complex regulatory environment

Get quick access to critical tax regulations and policy changes to help manage risk.

Optimizing your workforce

Maintain the right mix of experience and leverage while balancing the challenges of recruiting, upskilling, and mobility.

Advancing processes and technology

Leverage data-driven process and single-workflow technology solutions to help enhance tax insights.

Ongoing cost pressures

Accelerate efficiencies that can produce impactful cash savings for your tax department.*

*Based on past client results. Individual results may vary.

How is PwC's approach different?

A planned transition...

  • Collaborative, step-by-step processes 
  • An integrated people and communications plan 
  • Ongoing workshops that capture current state and quickly identify opportunities for improvement
  • A separate, dedicated integration team covering people and technology

...that creates a seamless experience

  • Helps better manage change and increase transparency
  • Reduces risk of disruption and distraction 
  • Realizes efficiencies quickly
  • Preserves historical knowledge

A governance model...

  • Multi-layer governance that keeps you in the driver's seat and provides insight and accountability 
  • Governance committees, made up of both PwC and client representatives, that meet regularly to provide updates and swiftly resolve issues
  • Key roles are retained to support management activities, set strategy, and maintain controls

...that keeps you in control

  • Gives complete control and oversight 
  • Builds in flexibility to quickly respond to changing needs
  • Provides accountability at multiple levels
  • Ensures expedient issue resolution

A talent model...

  • Keep working with the people you know and trust
  • Rebadged team members can move to PwC’s separate IST practice, with significant experience in tax function operations
  • Supplement your team with access to PwC’s extensive network of tax professionals

...that provides flexibility

  • Reduces risk and keeps ahead of regulatory changes 
  • Maintains legacy knowledge 
  • Provides access to a variable team of tax professionals with operations experience
  • Digitally upskills your workforce 
  • Provides remote work capabilities 
  • Scales your workforce as needed

A technology enabled, data-first approach...

  • A master-data strategy to provide a single source of truth for all tax processes
  • Connected processes and single workflow management to increase efficiency
  • Tools that will enable your processes and provide you insight via a collaboration portal

...that drives efficiency

  • Gives you real-time analytics
  • Increases time to focus on strategic projects 
  • Reduces risk associated with inconsistent processes and data 
  • Yields consistent and reliable reporting

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