Insourced Solutions for Tax (IST)

Delivering scalable, in-house, tax managed services solutions across the globe

A distinctive tax solution

Insourced Solutions for Tax (IST) is the first tax managed services solution of its kind. IST is made up of tax professionals with deep in-house tax department experience that understand the unique needs of a tax function and its stakeholders. We can comprehensively deliver across the full global tax lifecycle—from provision to compliance—or in your specific area(s) of need for a more flexible solution. Tax technology built by and for an in-house tax department, together with a data-first approach allow us to eliminate redundancies and manual processes and offer greater cost-efficiency. IST provides our clients with a comprehensive tax solution that is tech enabled and cost-efficient while preserving the in-house feel of your own team.

Finding the right balance between insourcing and outsourcing

PwC onboards Synchrony tax team to Insourced Solutions for Tax group

Managing a tax organization is a complex, costly operation. The essential technology for optimizing the tax function, featuring a robust system that provides the insights needed for the C-suite, can be difficult and costly to implement. In addition, tax organizations may struggle to find a flexible and scalable workforce solution to suit their needs in this ever-changing regulatory environment. Our IST services help companies meet the needs of a complex and evolving tax function, and does so in a way that insources the company's tax organization, moving execution, technologies and execution to a third-party provider.

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Explore how IST brings value

Is your organization undergoing a cost-cutting strategy?

Have there been recent changes to the c-suite that have altered the organization's strategy?

Are you looking to optimize your tax department but don't feel you have the ability or appetite?

Has a recent acquisition or divestiture created the need to add/increase your staff in a measurable way?

Do you have the right functional talent to meet the needs of your organization after tax reform?

Have you suffered a material weakness as a result of a tax related issue?

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How PwC can help

To help our clients address and capitalize on changes in the tax and regulatory environment, we are uniquely positioned to provide:

Global and scalable in-house team

  • 600 tax professionals, globally integrated across more than 40 countries
  • An average of 14 years of in-house experience with some of the most complex global multinationals across a diverse set of industries
  • A separate and distinct IST practice, focused solely on insourced work, with access to the global PwC network
  • Successful track record of teaming with business stakeholders and connecting across the tax life cycle

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Data-first approach

  • Data-first philosophy that drives efficiency and quality across the full tax life-cycle
  • A customizable, master data management framework that is fully supported by specialized technology applications
  • Disciplined governance focused on insights and continuous improvement

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Comprehensive technology

  • A fully scalable and integrated suite of tax applications built by tax professionals, for tax professionals
  • Products that are designed to manage data and risk in a complex environment, provide maximum transparency and meet multiple stakeholder needs
  • A dedicated team of 65 IST developers and coders working side by side with tax technical specialists
  • Software that is continuously updated to take into account changes in tax regulations and technology advancements

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