Insourced solutions for tax

The tax landscape is changing. Is your organization ready?

What is Insourced Solutions for Tax?

Insourced Solutions for Tax (IST) is a globally and functionally integrated team of PwC tax professionals with the knowledge and experience to offer clients an in-house feel with customized solutions – including the efficiency/cost savings of a combined fixed and variable cost model that an accounting firm shared-resource platform can provide. The value proposition of IST, the first service of its kind, is to deliver cost-efficient solutions across the full Tax Lifecycle and around the world employing our customized technology suite and integrated people and processes. From planning through controversy, Insourced Solutions for Tax delivers a globally and functionally End-to-End (E2E) integrated solution from experts that feel like your own in-house team.

Why PwC

To improve your tax function across your business, our solutions include integrated technology and focus on your people and processes. Our technology consists of a suite of tax applications that support the full Tax Lifecycle and:

  • Is designed to manage data in a complex environment, provide maximum transparency, and meet multiple stakeholder needs
  • Has built in controls and governance to help manage risk
  • Is easily customizable for new clients across industries and global footprint

To support your business infrastructure, people, and processes PwC offers:

  • A solutions oriented, in-house team
  • Highly-specialized resources, proficient in operating in a highly transactional environment
  • Skills in change management and working with a cross-functional business team, business leaders and the C-Suite
  • A proven, systematic and integrated approach, with service offerings covering the full Tax Lifecycle (Planning/Structuring + Tax Accounting + Tax Reporting + Controversy)
  • Leveraging the broader PwC network of firms, all working as one dedicated team

The Insourced Solutions for Tax Suite of Primary Service Offerings

U.S. and international tax planning and transactional advice

Assistance with U.S. GAAP and statutory tax accounting processes

Highly automated, robust Federal and State Tax support

Full Tax Lifecycle business support

U.S. Information Reporting & Tax Withholding

Practical & comprehensive transfer pricing solutions with a business-integrated approach

U.S. Risk Management, Controversy Solutions & Litigation Support

Your go-to local support

A strategic approach to tax data organization, management, and governance

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Chair, Insourced Solutions for Tax, PwC US

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Bob Malitz

Global Client Solutions Delivery Leader, Insourced Solutions for Tax, PwC US

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Tax Accounting Leader, Insourced Solutions for Tax, PwC US

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