PwC helps GoDaddy implement Salesforce Sales Cloud to aid more efficient sales

GoDaddy drives sales conversion with Salesforce CRM

GoDaddy drives sales conversion with Salesforce CRM

GoDaddy helps entrepreneurs globally start, grow and scale their businesses. People come to GoDaddy to name their idea, build a professional website, attract customers, sell their products and services, and accept payments online and in-person. PwC helped the company adopt Salesforce Sales Cloud during a fast-paced, six-month implementation with two back-to-back releases. The customer relationship management (CRM) solution supports GoDaddy’s professional services and commerce employees, known as sales guides and supervisors, in their daily tasks to drive sales more efficiently.

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separate intake data sources consolidated into one scalable solution, which can be reused to add new channels

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Transforming GoDaddy’s sales function with a Salesforce CRM that builds trust with employees and lengthens the customer life cycle

Interview with Katie van Zyl, Senior Director, Product Management, GoDaddy

Interview with

Katie van Zyl

Senior Director, Product Management,



What was the challenge?

“Our commerce business experienced rapid growth, which created an opportunity to rethink the size and scale, as well as the capabilities, of our sales tools and CRM. We wanted to meet the demands of more complex business scenarios, make opportunity assignments and provide lifecycle management. Professional services and commerce teams operated out of two separate CRM instances, which made cross-team collaboration and system maintenance a challenge. And there was a need for more robust reports and analytics to help support strategic business decisions. We decided to redesign our CRM, keeping flexibility, automation, reporting capabilities and the user interface in mind.”

Describe the solution delivered by the PwC community of solvers.

“Business process reengineering and effective solution design are the key components that helped make our CRM transformation a success. PwC used the power of Salesforce to create a highly automated and connected user experience. Integrations with collaborative tools helped provide faster communications. Salesforce’s detailed, real-time reporting also gave our sales guides and supervisors access to timely information and meaningful results. These capabilities aid performance, which directly impacts conversion rates and the customer experience.”

How does the solution blend the strengths of technology and people?

“From the beginning, PwC kept its focus on our shared end goal: creating a great experience for our professional services and commerce employees. The firm understood our business, improved the experience with human-centric design and confirmed that there was no loss of productivity during the transition. PwC also spent dozens of hours working with our new team of Salesforce administrators to upskill them on the platform. The team’s support helped build a strong Salesforce foundation that we can evolve and maintain for years to come.”

Where or how did innovation and unexpected ways of thinking come into play?

“Salesforce’s Sales Cloud introduced many new capabilities, including automation and a secure customer-facing site, that help our guides and supervisors process opportunity assignments and conversions faster. New integration functionality, like short message service (SMS), will help us keep warm interactions with customers throughout the sales cycle. PwC also helped identify areas of improvement in our IT infrastructure, setting the tone for long-term success beyond this implementation. Together, we consolidated a variety of data channels (webforms hosted by GoDaddy and third-party sites) into a single lead management service integrated with Salesforce. This reduced maintenance and gave GoDaddy a scalable system for ingesting data.”


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