The impact of global web traffic on revenue of news publishers

  • Publication
  • June 10, 2024

The news publishing industry is facing an evolution in consumer behavior, spurring news publishers to digitally innovate and reinvent their business models.

Web traffic volume and quality, as well as publisher effectiveness at engaging with site visitors, can be key drivers of digital revenue for news publishers. To grow and monetize their digital presence, news publishers should invest in digital capabilities, alongside their content strategy. This PwC assessment of the value of web traffic, including referral traffic, to news publishers has been commissioned by Google.

This study measured the value of web traffic to 218 newspaper publishers with varied business models across 38 countries in 2021 and 2022. This study revealed:

  • An increase in total web traffic had a positive and statistically significant impact on total news publisher revenue
  • The average global value of a click to news publishers ranges between US$0.06 and U$0.08
  • Unique market and business model factors, such as the economic environment, reader base, and digital subscription strategy, impact a publisher’s ability to monetize web traffic and the resulting value of a click ranges

For methodology and results, download the report here.

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