Tax reform readiness: Industrials

Impact and planning considerations for driving tax value and transformational growth

A changing landscape

Companies across the industrials sector are facing the excitement, uncertainty and challenges of transformational growth. In support of related business imperatives, tax executives are looking to deliver significant value through tax reform while re-shaping the next iteration of tax strategy. Keeping informed of evolving tax policy and global trends is ever more important, as is continuously analyzing the effectiveness of the tax function – such as through innovation, operational efficiencies, and tax technologies

We're committed to sharing insightful perspectives while you assess the changing business and tax landscape.  Review below our publications, videos, and other materials to learn more about the implications of changing policies, trends and issues that we're seeing. 

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Replay - Talking Tax webcast:  Watch our latest webcast for the latest legislative updates, trade policy developments and our panelists' views on the OECD and EC release.

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Tax reform readiness: Key takeaways on accessing foreign cash

Explore the critical issues as PwC's professionals discuss and recap the Tax Reform Readiness webcast.



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