US inbound tax services

For global companies investing in the United States

What are the opportunities for global businesses in the USA?

From treasury and financing issues to credits and incentives, find out what opportunities are available for your global business and US operations.

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How PwC can help

We understand that your business is as unique as the opportunities and potential challenges you face investing in the United States—especially, now, with the new US federal tax law. PwC offers a combined cross-border tax and business approach, making use of our extensive experience working with global companies and their US-inbound operations—a major part of our business.

We can work together to help you:

  • focus on the critical cross-border tax issues
  • consider your investment opportunities, potential challenges
  • navigate the new US federal tax law and plan how to save tax costs
  • finance your US operations
  • plan for growth through transactions and deals
  • manage your domestic, state, and local taxation
  • transform your value chain
  • set up your tax department in the United States
  • everything from compensation to global mobility issues and much more