Embracing Total Inclusion: The Impact of Disability Inclusion at PwC

The month of October is another opportunity for our people to recognize and learn about the lived experiences and contributions of our friends and colleagues who are caregivers and those who are living with disabilities. Alfonso Nuñez, PwC Mexico Trust Solutions Senior Manager, emphasized how recognizing Disability Employment Awareness Month is an important aspect for supporting inclusion, and “helps to grow global awareness and support those with disabilities to develop their lives so that they may live a very decent life.”

Building on our culture of belonging 

We take pride in supporting our PwC professionals and building a workplace where everyone can effectively lead, embody our values, build trusting relationships and build their careers. Logan Hall, Consulting Solutions Senior Associate, shared how thankful he is for the opportunity the firm has provided. “I was afraid that because I had a disability, I would not be able to climb the ranks of an organization, but rather hop from entry-level job to entry-level job across companies. Thankfully, PwC has created that opportunity for me to not only succeed at my job, but make a career out of it.” We continue to work to foster an environment where people with disabilities and caregivers feel empowered to be themselves and have access to the support and tools they need to thrive. Luis Mauricio Pacheco, PwC Mexico Consulting Solutions Manager, shared how recognizing this month furthers his sense of belonging, “having awareness of this month on the calendar, completely focused on giving us visibility, is extremely important to reinforce my sense of belonging to the firm. It makes me feel that I am an important part and above all that I won’t go unnoticed.” 

Leading with empathy 

We strive to maintain a fair, equitable and welcoming environment for all people, and this requires holding ourselves accountable and a shift from awareness to empathy. “Many of our colleagues go through extraordinary measures just to get to do their work every day. This month, we are grateful for those who made their experiences known and insisted on getting what they need so they can contribute to an employer. These people have made it possible for me and others with chronic illnesses and physical, mental or emotional differences to assimilate, adapt, ask for help and position ourselves to be our best selves at work,” said Lila Levy, Business Services Senior Manager

Fostering community 

Our Abilities and Allies Inclusion Network is among our fastest growing network with more than 2,000 members and nearly 40% growth in FY22. The network provides employees with disabilities and caregiving responsibilities a space for candid discussions, shares educational resources and encourages relationship building. Begoña Vizcaino Martinez, Mexico Partner Champion of our Disabilities Inclusion network, shared why she stays involved. “A couple of my family members live with a disability, and I decided to become a champion to build awareness and work toward fostering a more inclusive work environment, and hence, a better society.” Trisha Hernandez, Consulting Solutions Director, shared, “as a mom of an autistic 7 year old, I got involved because this is a community where I belong and I want to support others in ways that I’ve needed support. I am an advocate, especially for those who struggle with being one for themselves.” 

Activating our purpose

In FY23, we saw a 5% increase of our people identifying as having a disability, up from 4.3% in FY22. We’re pleased to see that our employees are increasingly comfortable sharing who they are, as self-identifying helps us better support each other and foster a truly inclusive workplace. 

We recently shared our Global Disability Strategy and our global Inclusion First strategy is centered on action, accountability and advocacy. Our strategy, focus areas and key drivers are extensions of how we continue to build on our culture of belonging and deliver value to our clients through our commitment to inclusion. This year, we’re proud to have earned a top score on the Disability:IN Disability Equality Index for the ninth year in a row. We know our people can be their best selves at work when they have teams, leaders and technologies that support their individual needs – it's why we're working to cultivate more inclusive teaming and develop more accessible technologies. 

Additionally, the PwC Charitable Foundation has contributed more than $500K over the past three years in Reimagine grants to local organizations including Partners for Youth with Disabilities, Braille Institute of America and Down Syndrome Association of Greater Cincinnati to help provide meaningful educational and career pathways support to individuals with disabilities. 

Throughout this month and beyond, we are committed to deepening our understanding of each other and engaging in active allyship to demonstrate a more inclusive world for all.

Alfonso Nuñez, PwC Mexico Trust Solutions Senior Manager

Alfonso Nuñez
PwC Mexico Trust Solutions Senior Manager

Logan Hall, Consulting Solutions Senior Associate

Logan Hall
Consulting Solutions Senior Associate

Luis Mauricio Pachecho, PwC Mexico Consulting Solutions Manager

Luis Mauricio Pacheco
PwC Mexico Consulting Solutions Manager

Lila Levy, Business Services Senior Manager

Lila Levy
Business Services Senior Manager

Begoña Vizcaino Martinez, PwC Mexico Partner and Mexico Partner Champion of our Abilities & Allies Inclusion Network

Begoña Vizcaino Martinez
Mexico Partner Champion of our Disabilities Inclusion network

Trisha Hernandez, Consulting Solutions Director

Trisha Hernandez
Consulting Solutions Director

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