While You Work - CPA Acceleration Program

Learn while you earn at PwC! Apply to receive a tuition paid, masters degree while working part time at PwC

Are you interested in pursuing the CPA license but need a way to earn the business credits needed to license?

Discover PwC’s While You Work - CPA Acceleration program.

This unique one-year program is designed to provide a path for eligible individuals who will have completed their bachelor's degree by May 2025, to obtain additional credit hours and a Master’s Degree while working at PwC.

Eligible program majors include: Accounting, Business Administration, Business Management, Finance, and Management Information Systems (MIS).

This paid part-time fellowship combines real work experiences at PwC and a tuition-paid, online master’s degree program at the D’Amore-McKim School of Business at Northeastern University. 

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About the program

Our CPA Acceleration program is a paid part time fellowship through a collaboration between PwC and Northeastern University. The fellowship combines real work experiences at the firm and a tuition paid, online master’s degree program at the D’Amore-McKim School of Business.

Fellows complete Northeastern University’s academic requirements while working a part-time paid schedule at PwC to gain valuable work experience.

Program start date:
Summer 2025

Your Northeastern experience:

  • At completion of the program, fellows will have earned a Master of Science, Management with a concentration in accounting analytics from Northeastern University.
  • Participants will have earned an additional 30 credit hours to help meet the 150 credit hour CPA licensure requirement.

Your paid part-time PwC work experience:

  • If accepted, you’ll join PwC as a paid part-time fellow, a unique role between the traditional intern and associate levels.
  • The While You Work Fellowship is a hybrid role. Our hybrid work model is driven by client engagement needs, where our people spend an average of 50% of their time at a client site or in a PwC office and have the option to work virtually the remainder of the time.
  • During your fellowship year, you’ll develop your accounting or taxation knowledge and grow your technical and leadership skills that are key to success in today’s workplace.
  • Fellows will be paid a salary and be eligible for overtime pay, based on work performed for PwC. Fellows are not compensated for the time they dedicate to Northeastern University’s academic requirements.
  • Fellows may be offered a full-time associate position at PwC after the successful completion of the fellowship program.

Fellowship Eligibility

All eligible rising seniors or recent graduates of an accredited college or university who meet the eligibility requirements below are welcome to apply.  Students who have demonstrated a commitment to Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) principles will be preferred. And as part of the firm’s commitment to equal employment opportunity, we further encourage students who identify as Black or African American, Hispanic or Latinx, American Indian or Alaska Native, Native Hawaiian or Other Pacific Islander, or two or more races, protected veterans, and/or individuals with disabilities to apply.

  1. Required Fields of Study - Accounting, Taxation, Finance, Business Administration/Management, Management Information Systems

  2. Before beginning fellowship with PwC, will have completed 120 educational credits toward being eligible for the 150 credit requirement to sit for the CPA exam in certain states

Visa sponsorship eligibility

Candidates must not require immigration sponsorship by PwC for employment now or at any time during the duration of the program (those on F-1 OPT and CPT are also not eligible).

Application process

The application process for the CPA Acceleration program will include two distinct and sequential application processes. You must be accepted by both PwC and Northeastern to participate in the fellowship program.

PwC's application process:

  • Summer 2025 applications coming soon
  • After you submit an application, you should expect to receive an assessment via email within a few hours. In order to be considered for the program, you must complete the assessment. Therefore, we encourage you to complete the assessment as soon as possible.
  • If you are selected for an interview with PwC, you will complete two live virtual interviews with PwC professionals.

Northeastern’s application process:

Selected individuals will be invited to apply to Northeastern University. You will be expected to submit required documentation including:

  • Your official transcript
  • Two letters of recommendation
  • A personal statement and your resume. 

You will not need to submit GRE scores and Northeastern’s application fees are waived for this program.


Tell me more about Northeastern University
Founded in 1898, Northeastern University is a global, experiential, research university built on a tradition of engagement with the world, creating a distinctive approach to education and research. Northeastern has redefined the global university, expanding co-op and other experiential learning opportunities to more than 128 countries and creating new educational and research collaborations that align with the increasingly global nature of higher education. Learn more about how Northeastern is reaching lifelong learners through its global network by visiting Northeastern's website.


What will the day-to-day work look like at PwC?
As a fellow, you’ll provide, on a part-time basis, audit and tax support to your PwC teams in a manner that demonstrates quality, accountability and teamwork. Your schedule will provide flexibility to allow you to meet your academic requirements while supporting client service professionals. Assigned projects will seek to apply your undergraduate coursework, while fulfilling the work application requirements of Northeastern’s master’s degree curriculum.


What is the length of this program?
Coursework requirements will be completed over a 12-15 month period, beginning in summer 2026 and ending in summer 2026. All course work must be completed by the end of the fellowship period.


What happens at the conclusion of this program?
Assuming you satisfactorily complete Northeastern’s degree requirements by program end, Northeastern will confer a master’s degree to you. The determination of whether Northeastern’s degree requirements have been met will be made at Northeastern's sole discretion. PwC may, at its option, offer you a full-time associate position after the fellowship program ends.


What happens if I cease to be actively employed by PwC or enrolled in Northeastern?
By applying for the fellowship program, you will be committing to remain enrolled in Northeastern’s degree program and be actively employed by PwC for the duration of the fellowship program or until your employment is terminated, if earlier. If you cease active employment at PwC for any reason, you will not be able to continue in the CPA Acceleration program. Similarly, if you cease to be enrolled at Northeastern for any reason, your employment as a fellow at PwC will also end. Participation in the CPA Acceleration program does not guarantee employment with PwC for any specific period during or following completion of the fellowship program.


What are the tuition costs for this?
PwC will cover the cost of tuition, required books and academic fees related to the CPA Acceleration program. PwC will make payments directly to Northeastern University. You will be responsible for any miscellaneous costs, such as library fees, which are anticipated to be minimal.


Are there other financial considerations?
PwC will remit to Northeastern University the cost of tuition, required books, and academic fees on your behalf (collectively, “School Costs”). The IRS permits up to $5250 of non-taxable educational reimbursement. Amounts paid on your behalf over $5250 are considered taxable wages. However, as an additional benefit from PwC for fellowship participants, PwC will cover your estimated taxes on the portion of School Costs that are taxable (the “tax gross-up”). This tax gross-up will be reported in your pay statement for the relevant period and in your Form W-2 for the calendar year. The tax gross-up is not paid directly to you. You should consider consulting with a personal tax advisor regarding tax implications of this program. PwC will not reimburse you for the cost of this consultation.

If you receive an employment offer to join PwC full-time as an associate after your fellowship year but do not accept it, or do not remain employed by PwC in the same segment and sector team as your fellowship for 18 months after starting as an associate, you will be obligated to repay PwC for some or all of the cost of tuition, required books and academic fees.

What are the key subjects that will be included in Northeastern degree?
Coursework may include topics such as accounting and tax, business analytics, automation, business consulting, and leadership and communications skills through a combination of required and elective courses that are organized around: accounting and tax, managing organizations, data driven management, strategy and growth and finance and operations. The While You Work fellow will complete virtual academic courses which, in conjunction with practical skills application at work, will earn 30 graduate credit hours culminating in a master’s degree. Degree content areas are subject to change.


What support will be provided to participants in this program?
You’ll receive coaching and support from PwC in a number of ways, including a relationship leader who will help provide feedback and direction regarding the balance between work and academic commitments, and a mentor who will support your development through regular day-to-day client work. In addition, the colleagues you work with everyday will help you to broaden your capabilities, while you meet our clients’ needs and your academic coursework requirements.

To complement the PwC support structure, Northeastern University will assign you a Northeastern Success Manager to support and help you to navigate university-related issues.


Will Northeastern University and PwC share information about me?
By submitting your application and participating in the CPA Acceleration program, you will be authorizing PwC and Northeastern University to exchange certain data regarding your application and progress through the fellowship program.


Am I eligible for benefits?
As a fellow, you will be invited to participate in the comprehensive benefits program offered by the Firm to its employees - from medical, life, disability and other insurance programs to savings and retirement plans, cell phone plan coverage, and an array of work/life effectiveness policies and programs - subject to the terms and conditions of the respective plans or policies. You can explore benefits by visiting PwC's benefits page.

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If you receive and accept an offer to the While you Work - CPA Acceleration program, you'll be invited to Destination CPA, our three-day in person immersive experience.

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