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Our passions find us in different ways, at different times. Maybe you were the only girl on the robotics team (and not-so-secretly knew you were their star player). Or maybe it was when you invested in yourself, 15 years into your consulting career, to get that Master’s in machine learning.

Whenever that moment happened for you, you knew you had a future in technology. Being a woman technologist is powerful. As a woman in technology, you’re not only choosing a path full of bright opportunities for years ahead, you’re helping lead the way for millions of girls and women to do the same and more, faster.

Join PwC in creating real change

Tech is changing the world. We need to help cultivate an inclusive tech world where all women have a role to play.

Your passion for tech found you and we believe you belong here.

We commit to leveraging technology to build our future. We’re investing deeply in upskilling our talent. We are hiring stand-out technologists from every background to build products and technology-enabled services that will help redefine our firm and the industry. We are committed to achieving tech equity in our firm and empowering our women professionally and personally to help drive real change.

PwC has been recognized as a 2022 Top Company for Women Technologists by Learn more about our collaboration with and experience at this year's Grace Hopper Celebration.

Top Companies for Women Technologists is a national program that recognizes companies committed to building workplaces where women technologists can thrive.

Who we are

PwC is a technology employer of choice through our brand, culture and inclusive people model. At PwC, Women in Tech create impact with clients, redefine industries and provide a lasting impression in our communities. Here, we provide the support you need to accelerate your career through equal growth opportunities such as mentorship, networking and executive leadership pathways.

2022 Inc. Best in Business

PwC has been recognized for the extraordinary impact provided by our Women-in-Tech Inclusion network in the coaching and development of both our women internally and the communities we serve externally.

At PwC, we provide the support you need to accelerate your career through equal growth opportunities such as mentorship, networking and executive leadership pathways.

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How we move the needle

We are committed to living our PwC purpose with technology as a critical enabler to our future, and using it for good. We execute our mission through six activation paths: unique career opportunities, career advancement, community of inclusion, flexibility and focus on making a societal impact.

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Unique career opportunities

We’re committed to attracting and retaining women technologists at every level. Through our unique combination of business and technology services, PwC women are able to develop as strong leaders, adding direct value to teams and clients, and empowered to achieve their individual career goals.

Explore tech jobs across the firm.

Career advancement

Here at PwC, we are infinite learners. Learning is embedded into our everyday work. With our New World. New Skills. Initiative, we’re investing $3 Billion globally to digitally upskill our entire workforce.

Learn about New World. New Skills.

Community of inclusion

We have an active Women in Tech (WiT) community with more than 4,500 active participants, champions and allies providing support, inclusion and belonging. We’re committed to building a community that helps provide a path to executive leadership and mentorship opportunities, to inclusive networking and ways to advance your career.

The WiT community is a collaborative platform that houses WiT resources and is further connected through internal social media channels where open dialogue is encouraged. WiT hosts a firmwide series of curated TechTalks to showcase internal and external rockstar technologists, and monthly newsletters to share events, thought leadership, spotlight features, and opportunities to further increase technical acumen.


At PwC, we offer comprehensive, flexible and competitive benefits programs. Our environment offers access to a wide range of choices that allow you to best fit your personal circumstances and lifestyle. Well-being is at the heart of our people and business strategy. It’s not just nice to have, it’s essential for success.

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Societal impact

Our Women in Tech efforts focus not only on our own people, but also on the future workforce. Our skilled volunteering efforts address the digital inclusion gap for those in underserved communities, including diverse women and girls through our Access Your Potential (AYP) program.

Learn more about AYP.

“The mission of Women in Tech at PwC is to create and cultivate an environment where all women play a significant role toward our collective success and have equitable access to a meaningful career.”

Mitra Best, Technology Impact Leader

“Women of all backgrounds have a huge opportunity to help shape the future of business by sharing their perspectives and thinking creatively about how to build, use and solve problems using technology. If you feel fulfilled working with technology, pursue that passion and help lead the way.”

Shannon Schuyler,Chief Purpose & Inclusion Officer

“The high speed of innovation and change in our field continues to be a catalyst for new opportunity - and career paths are endless. There has never been a more exciting time to be a Woman in Tech - leading the way both for today and the next generation of technologists.”

Andrea Fishman, Transformation Partner

Mitigating disparities in tech, one algorithm at a time

PwC’s web application, Bias Analyzer, created by our Technology Impact Office, is recognized in both Fast Company’s first-ever Next Big Things in Tech 2021 class of honorees, and CogX Awards 2022 for Outstanding Achievements & Research Contributions in Algorithmic Bias Mitigation.

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PwC Tech Alliances

Learn how PwC works with tech companies to deliver solutions

We’ve established business relationships with selected companies to better serve your needs. Learn more about our alliances relationships.

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Mitra Best

Mitra Best

Technology Impact Leader, PwC US

Andrea  Fishman

Andrea Fishman

Transformation Partner, PwC US

Shannon Schuyler

Shannon Schuyler

Chief Purpose and Inclusion Officer, PwC US

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