Access Your Potential

Creating inspiring experiences for diverse students, igniting their passion for technology

Let’s get the future ready

Emerging technologies and shifts in demographics are changing the way we work. Through Access Your Potential, PwC is helping build a more diverse, tech-skilled workforce to benefit our firm, our clients and our economy, while contributing to creating a better future for tomorrow's leaders.


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Here’s how we’re helping

Giving teachers a Digital Fitness Assessment App

The PwC Charitable Foundation invested in creating free, customized content on the Digital Fitness Assessment (DFA) App, specifically for educators to elevate their digital acumen.

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Introducing CODE-E

We're bringing our robot to schools around the country to help excite students about how emerging technologies can be used in their daily lives.

Providing free, interactive curriculum to teachers

We're offering a free, open-sourced curriculum to educators so they can teach their students about tech topics (including coding, computer programs and data analytics) and financial skills.

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