Next Manufacturing: Industry 4.0

New environment. New decisions.

In the last several years, a lot has changed for manufacturers. Shifting economic alignments, changing customer expectations, and new, less expensive technology prompt us to examine old assumptions and look for new ways to transform processes.

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The Next Manufacturing environment ushers in new decisions about where and how to manufacture products and who will be performing the work.

  • Should you prioritize technology investments in sensors and big data to create a digital backbone?
  • What about investing in the powers of 3D printing?
  • Will you focus on automation and agility through robotics?
  • Should you nurture innovation? Or, should you look to partners to bring in specialized talent?

To explore the implications of the momentous changes underway, PwC has launched an ongoing series of reports. We track the key issues and potential disruptions facing manufacturers—from contract job shops to large diversified multinationals—as they reinvent themselves.

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Advancements in digital and technology are reshaping the way we all do business.

By combining deep business and industry insight with digital innovation, our diverse teams of creative, industry and technology professionals help accelerate the successful impact digital can have.

Digital in manufacturing: Collaboration realized

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