Tax Operations Manager (TOM) May 2020 Update

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What are we seeing in the market

We are seeing clients invest more heavily into the Microsoft stack of tools, in particular the Power Platform. Some of the applications include:

  • Power Apps, a platform to design online forms for data collection
  • Power Automate, a platform to design/execute workflows
  • Power BI, a platform to develop interactive reports and dashboards
  • Power Query, a tool to assist with the transformation of data
  • Teams, a collaboration tool that also integrates other applications

As the Power Platform has evolved, PwC is investing in transforming the current Tax Operations Manager accelerator (“TOM”) from leveraging a SharePoint add-in to instead fully utilizing the Power Platform applications available from Microsoft.

Our investment in the latest technology

PwC is investing in transitioning the current Tax Operations Manager accelerator via an add-in approach to instead fully leverage a client's available Microsoft applications (primarily the Power Platform). This approach will ease the installation process and empower our clients to leverage the framework and expand the reach of the online forms, automated flows, and reports. Clients will be able to use the accelerator to get a headstart on a foundation that will allow for scalability as the needs grow within the tax department. At the same time, clients can easily leverage the investments that Microsoft is making to their suite of products.

As the use of Microsoft Teams use has increased greatly in the current environment, PwC has developed an approach to integrate Tax Operations Manager into Teams - so that you may work almost entirely from within Teams, if desired. PwC also has the ability to collaborate with clients through Microsoft Teams - whether for chatting, sharing files, or conducting meetings.

What does this mean for me and what are the next steps?

Clients that already have Tax Operations Manager will be able to upgrade to the latest version, taking advantage of the already-built framework. For clients that are in the cloud, or soon will be, this is a great opportunity to understand the PwC approach to a framework that enables a return on the investment that your organization has made on their IT infrastructure. 

Schedule a call with your PwC representative, to discuss how together we can develop a tailored approach, leveraging already implemented technology to take advantage of this new and exciting journey into the Microsoft suite of tools.

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