PwC’s 2023 Cloud Business Survey

The cloud-powered company:
Four value-creating practices that drive success

Most businesses today consider themselves to be in the cloud. In our latest Cloud Business Survey, 78% of executives responding told us their companies had adopted cloud in most or all parts of the business. So, why is tangible value elusive for many? As in our 2021 survey, more than half had not realized the outcomes they were after: cutting costs, improving resilience, driving new revenue, and the list goes on.

The big issue? Moving to the cloud or running parts of your business in the cloud is not the same as being cloud-powered. What does that really mean and what does it take?

About 10% of those surveyed apparently know the answer: They have reinvented their businesses through cloud, they report fewer barriers to realizing value and they’re doing so at a rate twice that of other companies. And even in the current business environment, they expect to see continued revenue growth of 15% or greater.

We call these leaders cloud-powered companies.

Cloud-powered companies are 4x more likely to say they face no barriers to achieving cloud transformation value in the following areas:

Four ways cloud-powered companies are driving value

What’s the secret to their success? Our analysis revealed four big things they do differently today, compared with those companies who have yet to fully leverage cloud. Plus: Find out where we expect them to focus next — and where you can jump the line to become cloud-powered too.

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