Reinvent IT: Modernize and migrate your business with Microsoft Azure

Scale innovation, optimize spend and eliminate cloud waste.

Go beyond lift and shift. Perfect the blend of cloud modernization and migration

There’s no denying enterprise cloud migration is complex. Companies are up against an entire history of IT evolution — from mainframes to layered security systems and a sprawling corporate and partner ecosystem. These intricacies can make change hard. But to reach innovation at scale with automation, intelligence, resilience, and efficiency, you need to rethink the foundation that has run your business for years.

But don’t go at this alone. Having spent a decade informing Fortune 1000 companies’ cloud strategy, PwC offers you trusted expertise to help modernize and migrate IT on Microsoft Azure. PwC’s Build Studio combines automation, analytics and security to reimagine and implement critical cloud operations, giving you the guidance and technologies to finally break down IT complexity across any industry. Find the freedom to respond to market dynamics — more reliably, with greater agility and innovation.

PwC makes $1 billion investment to expand AI capabilities

Microsoft,OpenAI and PwC's collaboration will help our clients reinvent their business — delivering richer insights and driving more productivity.

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What’s preventing you from realizing value in the cloud?

The abundance of apps and the worry of accumulating cloud debt can keep you from advancing your migration goals. For clarity, start by defining a future-ready, secure and modern cloud platform. Pro tip: make sure automated governance is a core part of that plan.

Though it can be hard to navigate the complexity of IT, it’s vital to have a secure and efficient migration to Azure. One key is to increase visibility into your IT environment. The greater the transparency, the easier it is to make more informed decisions about your cloud transformation.

Even though you’ve transitioned to the cloud, you may not be realizing the full benefits. Re-evaluate your approach and adjust your mindset to unlock the potential of a modern platform, eliminate cloud waste and rethink operations, security and innovation.

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Are you maximizing the power of your cloud investments? 

Probably not. Find out how to close the gap between simply running on the cloud and creating enterprise-wide value.

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Redefine waste by automating core processes in Azure

The combination of our industry solutions, proprietary automated assessment tools and accelerated cloud modernization and migration approach helps give companies a big picture roadmap to unlock sustained value on Azure.

Rebuild to automate

Make automated governance and security a top priority from the start

Cloud-powered companies are 2x more mature when it comes to cloud governance.*

You no longer need to put the imperative of monitoring, controlling, and enforcing governance policies solely on your IT administrators. Meet your company’s security needs and conserve resources with a greater defense system by utilizing Azure to rebuild a modern cloud platform rooted in automation.

  • Implement guardrails by automating audit, reporting and enforcement of controls across your Azure foundation and ecosystem. 
  • Empower your development teams to build and deploy at their own pace knowing the infrastructure and operations are secure and improved.

Rebuild with greater automation: Identify opportunities to help maximize your Azure investment with a Cloud Speed and Maturity Workshop.

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*PwC US Cloud Business Survey

Disentangle to simplify

Reduce complexity by conducting an automated portfolio review

100% of cloud-powered companies have improved decision-making through cloud transformation.*

Better decision-making can be achieved when companies understand how applications relate to each other. Navigating the complexity of a layered IT ecosystem can be daunting. Define the right migration plan with a unique combination of automated tooling, analytics and expertise to easily comb through every asset you own and unearth hidden app dependencies.

  • Proactively protect yourself from disaster with heightened visibility into every individual process that helps your company run.
  • Confidently and strategically transfer critical operations to the cloud without fearing an outage or breach.

Disentangle the web of IT: Increase visibility into your existing IT environment and identify opportunities to boost cloud ROI with the Modernization Opportunity Workshop.

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*PwC US Cloud Business Survey

Rethink to enable

Empower developer productivity and address inefficiencies by rethinking operations for cloud

97% of companies who reinvent their business in the cloud are realizing increased productivity across operations versus 43% who haven’t transformed with cloud.* 

Accept that application migration is not the end destination — it can be the door that leads to continuous innovation and productivity. However, it is unlikely that you’ll reach this level of cloud payback if the platform you’ve built doesn't give developers the freedom to support necessary improvements. Uplevel developer performance for faster code development and time to market.

  • Natively integrate with tools such as Azure DevOps and GitHub Actions to drive continuous integration (CI) and continuous deployment (CD).
  • Elevate developer and customer experience with streamlined processes, resilient apps and the ability to help \innovate and quickly respond to competitive threats.

Rethink your cloud investment: Get smart about your cloud spend and reinvest savings to drive up productivity and efficiencies in the Cloud Spend Analysis Workshop.

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*PwC US Cloud Business Survey

Boost your cloud investment

Learn how to migrate and modernize to new ways of working with Azure

Get equipped with the insights to help make more informed decisions. Together, we’ll evaluate your current IT environment and start to uncover opportunities, using Azure as a catalyst for greater operational efficiencies, innovation, agility, growth and more. See if you qualify for one of our 3-week complimentary workshops.

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Stay competitive with app rationalization, modernization and migration strategies on Microsoft Azure.

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Microsoft recognizes PwC as a 2023 Partner of the Year

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Reinventing and modernizing with Azure, across industries

PwC helps industries modernize applications on Azure to solve historical pains and increase operational efficiencies with greater automation.

Hospital and Cancer Research Center transforms internal operations

Automation in the cloud is a gamechanger for hospitals — it can help govern sensitive health data and boost clinician productivity.

For one leading hospital, PwC tapped into Microsoft Azure’s automation capabilities. With our proprietary Azure-based solutions, the hospital could thoroughly assess hundreds of critical systems, making it easier to identify app dependencies and integration points. Using these insights, PwC created a cloud readiness roadmap and delivered a secure, modern Azure platform with automated governance and reporting.

Know your dependencies

PwC’s automation and analytics tool, Terrain Insights, a PwC product, revealed that one of the hospital’s applications interfaced with 42 other systems. This critical discovery averted a potential migration crisis and unintentional cloud waste.

Astellas Pharma deepens insights through data transformation

Analytics presents real gain for pharma companies with the ability to collect data from various sources and turn it into valuable insights. This offers a multitude of benefits — including increasing the efficacy of clinical trials.

Astellas, a multinational pharma company, turned to PwC to help modernize their data estates and build an integrated platform on Azure. By taking the time to redefine how data was accessed and repurposed in the cloud, Astellas was able to streamline reporting with governance controls in place. Now, purpose-built automation aggregates drug trial data from over 40 systems in one place—and improved analytics help streamline R&D processes with 80+ contract research organizations.

Consolidate data compliantly

With research accessible on one platform, Astellas has shortened the time it takes to process 150 GB of data queries from 3 months to 1 night. These savings have made it possible to cut down the cost of curating operational data by 20%.

Leading broadband provider enhances its cybersecurity posture

Tasked with running vital infrastructure, telco companies need to rethink their security perimeter to protect employee, customer and company data from increasing threats. But simply adding on new security tools won’t cut it.

One national broadband provider didn’t want to add greater complexity to its current security operations. They instead turned to PwC to build a consolidated, cloud-based platform that could meet their multi-faceted security needs. Their new and improved security solution could simultaneously boost productivity while protecting sensitive data. PwC later migrated the provider to a new platform on Azure Virtual Desktop, resulting in tighter data security with enhanced customer service.

Boost security while reducing costs

Platform performance metrics are now 40% better compared to previous on-premises tools, security costs have decreased by 50%, and cost savings on IT maintenance increased by 60%.

Fortune 500 retailer enhances resilience in the face of disaster

With millions of customers and employees, large retailers can’t afford to risk a system outage — this jeopardizes everything from supply chains to employee pay systems. That’s why modernizing to enhance Disaster Recovery (DR) has become a Board initiative.

With 2,000+ critical applications spread across two on-premises data centers, one Fortune 500 retailer wanted to be more prepared when faced with a system outage. PwC was tapped to support their goals, starting with implementing Azure-based technologies that helped them gain new visibility into its sprawling technology estate. With these insights, we then established a DR plan with automated governance as part of the larger Azure implementation.

Protect business continuity

Azure became the third scalable datacenter to support the retailer’s emergency operations. PwC rearchitected critical workloads, helping the retailer adopt more resilient, cloud-native services. And Azure Policies boosted security across systems.

ZF accelerates production with a modern platform

Smart factories have become the new frontier for manufacturers, making it easier to make changes quickly with real time production process monitoring. PwC saw an opportunity with ZF, a leading global supplier of automotive parts, to package up powerful Azure capabilities like automation, AI and IoT for their production floor.

Together with ZF, PwC designed and implemented their Digital Manufacturing Platform (DMP) on Azure. The secure, modern cloud solution connects to ZF’s IoT sensors, granting their production teams increased visibility to optimize machine performance, help reduce cloud waste and increase innovation.

Transform to save costs long-term

Modernization introduced advanced services like Azure AI. This has helped ZF save up to $708 million annually with projected one-time inventory cost savings of up to $354 million — a significant payback for transforming processes on Azure.

Health, wealth and investment management firm turns into a competitive FinTech company

It’s not easy to be agile in FinTech as there are constant changes. That’s why a leading health and wealth services firm turned to PwC to support their digital transformation. The goal: become more nimble and adopt innovative technologies to remain competitive at a fraction of the cost. PwC worked with the firm to develop their foundational cloud services and migrate and modernize applications to Azure across their business — providing cloud services to 1,000 technologists and over 7,000 employees. With security and operational controls embedded in their application modernization, PwC not only jump-started their cloud journey, but also accelerated it and removed friction associated with security, reliability and cost.

Adopt agility and innovation

PwC upskilled the firm’s organizational capabilities by introducing Azure’s scalable services and elastic infrastructure. This embedded security in their capabilities and fostered the adoption of DevSecOps. With the new ability to rapidly prototype, they can be more competitive and innovate securely and confidently.

Unlocking Azure to overcome complex business challenges

Discover how industries are modernizing business processes and implementing greater automation on Microsoft Azure.

Azure insights for your business

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