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Inclusion. Purpose. Action.

This is the next step in your organization’s diversity, equity and inclusion transformation.

The actions of your leaders, employees, supply chain partners and stakeholders are guided by their experience with your organization’s priorities, and a direct reflection of your demonstrated commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion.

PwC works with you to put purpose at the center of your tailored, actionable Diversity & Inclusion strategy — helping you consistently and positively impact everyone your organization reaches.

Establishing an Intersectional Lens

When we explore people’s experience through an intersectional lens, we look at internal and external demographic and people data by gender, race, ability, sexual orientation and other dimensions of historically marginalized groups. Doing so gives a voice to each of the different stories of employees, customers, clients, community members and stakeholders.

When we examine employee experience through an intersectional lens, we can ask better questions and work toward more impactful change — building trust, increasing engagement and helping make everyone feel heard and valued.

How will you discover and give voice to all of the different stories in your company?

Cultivating Anti-racism. Now.

It isn’t enough for organizations to simply avoid racism. Performative or opportunistic gestures toward racial equity can have a negative impact on your brand.

To achieve true allyship in the workforce, organizations should take rapid, meaningful and systemic actions to disengage from a long legacy of injustice and inaction.

How will you seize this powerful opportunity to engage in race dialogues to understand the experiences of your employees and leaders?

Data-Driven Stories for Purpose-Led Behavior

Understand root causes and barriers to change.

Embrace an intersectional culture of belonging.

Establish accountability across your organization.

Champion humility, curiosity and empathy.

Prioritizing both Skills and Credentials

To be fully inclusive and equitable, hiring and promotion should recognize and reward skills and no longer be solely based on credentials or college degrees. To address the artificially narrow pipeline of talent, organizations can take a new, more enlightened approach to recognizing, rewarding and cultivating skills at all levels.

Are the qualified individuals in your company being seen and fairly promoted?

Measuring your Return on Inclusion

At PwC, we believe that managing Diversity & Inclusion (D&I) in the same way we do any other core business metric is the only way to fully realize a Return on Inclusion (ROIn). Achieving business results requires uncovering the root causes of difficulties in human interactions and overcoming interpersonal conflicts to address, over time, the barriers to full inclusion in your organization.

PwC works with you in a tailored way to help employees and leaders understand the symbiotic connection between D&I and your other key business indicators.

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Changing attitudes alone will not change behavior. However, when we can change behavior, we do see a real impact on how we think and feel over time.

PwC works alongside our clients to identify systemic biases and suggest specific behaviors for your organization that can help you build awareness, equity and inclusion. We’ll also help find practical ways to measure and reward inclusive behaviors — establishing a culture of accountability and helping you to achieve purpose-driven, systemic D&I transformation.

1.     Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Transformation  

We can help you to design, implement and executive an inclusive architecture for D&I, predicated on your purpose, unique core values and organizational priorities. Together we can create a design that links efforts across your organization to create a shared sense of urgency and motivation for action.  Our approach is anchored on a current state assessment of your organization to help make sense of your data.

2.    Saratoga Diversity Benchmarking

PwC has deep capabilities in talent measurement and analysis including a team of more than 150 dedicated practitioners specializing in benchmarking and research on diversity, inclusion, employee engagement and retention. Going beyond tracking representation, we help make sense of the stories in your data and develop focused plans allowing your organization to help drive accountability and execution at every level.


3.    Critical Few Inclusive Behaviors

Leveraging research from PwC’s Katzenbach Center, PwC can help you identify the Critical Few® inclusive behaviors that can make a measurable impact on diversity, equity and inclusion in your organization, and help drive the success of your D&I transformation.

4.    Racial Biases Consulting

PwC can help you deploy rapid assessment, alignment and action on racial equity, privilege and biases in your organization. We review all actions and feedback to-date, helping build understanding and empathy, and align leadership on opportunities to reduce systemic bias. Finally, we can help you take meaningful short- and long-term actions and develop a communications plan for your organization to align all stakeholders on next steps.

5.    Learning Paths

A complete D&I transformation plan will include learning paths, with extended learning experiences, that provide participants with the ability to increase awareness, guide self-reflection, promote inquiry and encourage a growth mindset on courageous and often difficult subjects. PwC can help you create these learning paths, unlike the trainings you may have attempted historically, and design extended learning experiences for your leaders and employees.

Our approach

Data-driven assessment and transformation

Story-forward approach to understanding possible barriers to equality

Real-time dialogue and engaging idea collection

Listening tools that help inform strategic decision-making

"It goes beyond a great statement. It goes beyond a great speech. We need more action. I believe corporations are equipped, but we need a sustained effort."

- Tim Ryan, PwC US Chair and Senior Partner

The PwC diversity journey:  We are transparently building a culture of belonging

As a purpose-led and values-driven organization, we’re using the talent and resources of PwC to be a voice for change—and we know that to be a leader, we must continue to do better ourselves. We believe that transparency creates urgency and while we realize this is a bold move, we also know that we must be bolder and even more intentional in taking action on these issues that matter to our people, and affect our communities and permeate the business community.

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