Navigating the healthcare interoperability digital transformation journey

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Transforming Risk into Confidence podcast series

In this episode, Fran Grabowski joins Tiffany Gallagher to discuss the new healthcare interoperability rules, the top risk and compliance concerns for consumers, payers and providers, and the case for organizations to treat this as a strategic opportunity.

We discuss the following questions:

1:18 - What is interoperability and what are the goals of the new rules?
4:03 - What are the top concerns and challenges and how do we expect them to be regulated?
7:29 - What are the effects these rules will have on payers vs providers?
13:09 - What are some particular opportunities and risks that organizations are typically overlooking?
15:58 - What important messages were outlined in PwC’s recent thought leadership titled “The new healthcare interoperability rules: A risk and compliance perspective”?

About our moderator

Tiffany Gallagher is the US Health Industries Risk & Controls Leader at PwC. Tiffany specializes in compliance risk management including Commercial, Financial, Regulatory, and IT risk. She advises clients in the areas of risk management program strategy and design, as well as monitoring and auditing.

Tiffany began her career focusing on performing external audits within the Pharmaceutical and Life Sciences (PLS) industry. During this time, Tiffany realized her passion for advising her clients on navigating the risks and complexities of transformational change events. Over time Tiffany combined her knowledge of the PLS industry and risk management to collaborate with her clients on major transformational change including designing, implementing and operating risk management programs, designing processes and controls to support major transformations (e.g., regulatory change, system and process redesign, divestiture) and providing readiness support for IPOs.

About our guests

Ryan Folscroft

Fran Grabowski is a Director on PwC’s US Health Industries Risk and Regulatory Team. He has 17 years of experience focused on developing effective data solutions. Fran wrangles data to manage risks related to regulatory compliance, complex processes, and sensitive personal health information. He helps build the people, process, and technology capabilities to support analytics-based decision-making, automation, data governance strategies, and interoperability. Fran is a Certified Information Systems Auditor (CISA), and is a contributing member of the Association of Healthcare Internal Auditors (AHIA).


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Tiffany Gallagher

Tiffany Gallagher

Principal, Risk and Regulatory, PwC US

Fran  Grabowski, Jr.

Fran Grabowski, Jr.

Director, Risk and Regulatory, PwC US

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