PwC named a Leader in the ISG Provider Lens™ – Cybersecurity Solutions and Services for Technical Security Services US

September 08, 2022

The ISG Provider Lens™ states that, “The cybersecurity market in the U.S witnessed exceptional growth in spending against the backdrop of a multitude of reasons threatening to impact businesses and economy. The U.S. market is reflective of global trends; U.S. is recognized for its high maturity in IT and security adoption and as the hub for centralized business decision making for several enterprises. The post-COVID-19 phase witnessed an unprecedented acceleration in digital transformation investments, uptake of remote and hybrid work models, incidents of sophisticated attacks and data leaks across enterprises of all sizes, and the (ongoing) Ukraine-Russia conflict. These reasons, combined with the surge in insider threats, lack of cybersecurity awareness with misguided perceptions and false sense of complete protection, have created further complexities, necessitating innovative, real-time and advanced security capabilities.” 

On Technical Security Services, the report says that, “The key implementation or integration tasks include secure access service edge (SASE) and zero-trust networks. Considering the post-pandemic volatile security landscape, technical security services are in high demand in the U.S. According to ISG research, the skilled technical workforce and advanced technologies available in the market are additional benefits.” 

The report recognizes PwC’s leadership in Technical Security Services in three primary areas, stating: 

Extensive technical capabilities: PwC has gained deep knowledge across industries, addressing business, technical and regulatory issues to help clients build a robust cybersecurity and privacy program. This program is complemented by strong alliances with cybersecurity and privacy vendors, allowing PwC to build enhanced accelerators that can help maximize ROI on cybersecurity and privacy technologies.

Experienced talent and skillset: PwC’s multidisciplinary team of specialists has in-depth expertise in multiple digital technologies, people and organizational areas, and in business resilience, forensics, financial crime and human-centric design. This expertise is complemented by a network of more than 3,300 practitioners, 60 labs and operations centers and domain experts from a global crisis center.

Investments for service enhancement and upskilling: PwC teams have created more than 7,500 assets, included in the digital lab and the Connect suite of collaboration tools. The suite helps 700,000 users to efficiently collaborate and exchange information with clients and audit teams across a network.

"Our cybersecurity team is pleased to receive recognition for our technical security leadership in the US market", says Sean Joyce, Principal and Global Lead for Cybersecurity, Risk and Regulatory, PwC US.  "We use these technical capabilities, along with our business experience and board-to-shop floor relationships across all major industries, to deliver the very best human and tech led security solutions to our clients in the US and around the world.”


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