Sustainable Development Goals – how will they impact your business?

With 193 governments agreeing to deliver 17 goals tackling major world issues by 2030, change lies ahead for business, not only to rethink strategy and business behaviour to align with the goals, but also to assess and evidence their impact.

Prioritising the SDGs

With 17 Global Goals to understand, how do you know where to start? The expectation is that governments will turn to business to support them achieve the SDGs. Each government will have its own set of priorities which will drive the action it needs to take. You'll want your business to align with the SDGs so that it makes an impact that helps, not hinders, a country to achieve its goals. There's much to consider not only for the country or countries you currently operate in, but also your supply chain and your future strategy to enter new markets and territories too.  

For an overview, we've created an interactive SDG selector. Tell us your industry and we'll tell you which SDGs are important to your sector based on the impact on the SDGs and the opportunity they represent.

Navigating the Global Goals

We have developed a diagnostic tool which will give businesses a quick, replicable and low cost way to:

  • identify the Global Goals that are of most relevance given their countries and sectors of operation 
  • evaluate which Global Goals they can best contribute to 
  • identify the significant risks (i.e. where business activities could hinder governments more than help) in relation both to core products and activities and more broadly across the supply chain, on a country by country basis 
  • identify the potential opportunities (i.e. where business activities could help significantly more) in relation to core products and activities and the wider supply chain, on a country by country basis


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