The PwC Audit

Providing trust over financial reporting is a big responsibility, and it lies at the heart of everything we do.

Driving audit innovation, with technology at its heart

We believe it is the powerful combination of the best people, empowered by market-leading technologies, that enables us to deliver quality and value at a whole new level.

By bringing innovation to the audit with our new technologies, we’re improving audit quality and enhancing audit insight - two things our clients tell us matter most.


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Gilly Lord, PwC UK, and Mike Baccala, PwC US, talk about PwC’s tech-enabled audit

“We’re constantly innovating to enhance your audit experience. We’re leveraging new and emerging technologies to give you real-time delivery, increased efficiency and greater transparency. And this is only the beginning”

James Chalmers, Global Assurance Leader

The technology that’s changing the PwC Audit

We’re re-engineering and bringing innovation to the audit with Aura, Halo and Connect: three unique smart technologies that underpin the safety, insight and real-time capability of the audit.

Single instance software that provides quality and consistency throughout the audit.

Award-winning, market-leading technology that is revolutionising our audits by harnessing the power of data.

Our global planning tool provides fast, efficient and secure information sharing at every stage of the audit.

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Our innovation landscape

We're constantly investing in the technologies that we believe are most relevant to the audit of the future.

Artificial intelligence (AI)

We’re exploring how AI can deliver even greater levels of reliability, efficiency and insight. By combining AI technology with auditor expertise, we’re creating award winning products such as that can exceed the abilities of both. 

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We’re replacing our transactional approach with robotics to reduce your audit administration and improve audit quality even further.

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Drones have revolutionised the way companies can collect high-quality data, which enables you to make faster and better business decisions.

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A new audit approach is needed in order to leverage technology, accommodate increased transaction volumes, and provide real-time data.

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The people behind it

Our teams are handpicked to achieve the right balance of relevant experience, industry knowledge, specialist expertise and cultural fit. Our technology augments the skills and capabilities of our people, allowing them to focus on areas of higher risk and deliver greater insight.

The spare chair

We always keep a spare chair available so we can bring in experts on the subjects that matter to you most. For example:

  • Business resilience
  • Corporate reporting
  • Accounting technical
  • Economics
  • Cyber security
  • Culture and behaviours
  • Emerging technology
  • Sustainability
  • IT systems


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