Strategy Council

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Strategy Council members are:

  • Ad van Gils, Netherlands
  • Andrea Toselli, Italy
  • Andreas Staubli , Switzerland
  • Bernard Gainnier, France
  • Dion Shango, Africa Central and Southern Africa
  • Gonzalo Sánchez, Spain
  • Hani Ashkar, Middle East
  • Harald Kayser*, PwC Europe region
  • Hoonsoo Yoon, Korea
  • Kevin Ellis, United Kingdom
  • Koichiro Kimura, Japan
  • Marco Castro, Brazil
  • Mauricio Hurtado, Mexico
  • Nick Kós, Central and Eastern Europe
  • Nicolas Marcoux, Canada
  • Oon Jin Yeoh, Singapore
  • Raymund Chao, China
  • Robert E. Moritz, Chairman
  • Sanjeev Krishan, India
  • Sofia Gottmar, Sweden
  • Tim Ryan, United States
  • Tom Seymour, Australia
  • Ulrich Stoerk, Germany


*ex officio attendee

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