Sovereign investment funds

The PwC Sovereign investment funds team brings insight and specialist knowledge that can help SWFs in improving performance.


Sovereign Investment Funds (SIF) are state-owned and backed investors including Sovereign Wealth Funds (SWF), state-backed investment arms, and public pension funds (PPF).

PwC is a leading advisor to this global investor community. With hubs in Abu Dhabi, Singapore, New York, and London, PwC’s global Sovereign Investment Fund team advises government agencies and Sovereign funds themselves on transactions and investment structuring, capital allocation strategies, operating models and portfolio value creation.

SIFs are expected to play an increasingly influential role at a local, regional and global level. That growth will be overwhelmingly influenced by three megatrends: digitisation, decarbonisation and deglobalisation.

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Create new opportunities in a changing world

Now is the time for private equity and principal investors to reimagine what’s possible. As market conditions shift—reacting to megatrends like digitization, deglobalization, and decarbonization—the private capital landscape is changing, with new opportunities for business model reinvention across asset classes. To help our clients build trust and deliver sustainable outcomes, our community of solvers brings together deep industry expertise and advanced tech capabilities to identify risks and uncover opportunities. Find out how we can support you, from your investment thesis to transaction to post-deal value creation to an exit strategy.

Working with PwC


PwC’s work with investors, and asset managers spans across the investment cycle, including pre-financing, sourcing strategies, financial, commercial and operational due diligence, HR and talent diligence and leadership, post-investment performance transformation and value realisation and portfolio strategy.

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Investment strategy and value creation

PwC advises on market, sector, and asset capital deployment strategies, search and screen, and defining investment hypotheses leading to post transaction value realisation and asset optimization across top and bottom line growth and cost efficiencies. PwC brings a wealth of experience and capabilities that can help you plan and manage such transformation programmes to keep assets stable, relevant and attractive to investors. We can help you to both transform the companies you’re already investing in and explore the transformation opportunities of new investments.

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Tax advisory (fund & portfolio)

PwC’s fund tax work with sovereign investors spans the fund lifecycle, including set-up/structuring taking into consideration sovereign/pension investors’ unique positions, monitoring for potential impacts of legislative developments, and capitalising on opportunities to generate efficiencies.

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Fund strategy, governance, and organisational design

PwC advises sovereign, alternative, and traditional asset managers on strategic business planning, target operating model design and implementation, and the optimal organisational structure and talent strategy.

Sustainability strategies and solutions

PwC advises clients in defining the fund sustainability strategy, implementing internal governance and controls, data strategy and analytics, and market and customer reporting.

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