The digital maturity journey

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Transforming risk into confidence

In this episode, Gagan Reen joins Elizabeth McNichol to discuss the digital maturity journey organizations are on and the impact certain technologies have on risk management processes.

We discuss the following questions:

0:47 - How is PwC innovating to address customer pain points in risk management processes?
1:24 - As it relates to one of PwC's defined eight essential technologies, what is automation?
3:00 - How are companies upskilling efforts reacting to the interactions with automation and how is that affecting the people side of the workforce?
6:06 - What has been happening with regard to the adoption of artificial intelligence in the risk space? 
8:53 - How are companies creating Centers of Excellence to centralize the governance and management of automation?
10:03 - How does PwC's Enterprise Insights and team help clients assess and handle the risk within their system's data?
18:01 - How should organizations begin the journey? What is the first step?

About our moderator

Elizabeth McNichol is a Principal in PwC's Risk and Regulatory practice. She is responsible for the current and future development and deployment of digital assets in the risk consulting space. Elizabeth drives the strategy for how our clients and our teams optimize the use of digital assets to deliver enhanced quality and innovative processes.

In addition, Elizabeth focuses on risk, compliance and analytics solutions for global companies that run SAP as their primary enterprise application. She is also a leader in the firm's effort to transform compliance and risk management processes through the use of analytics and data. In this role, Elizabeth is responsible for developing and integrating the technology, content and software methodology to enhance the way our clients approach risk and compliance related challenges.

About our guest

Gagan Reen is a Partner in PwC's Risk and Regulatory practice responsible for driving AI and SAP growth. Gagan has a broad depth of experience in Sales, Business Development, Research & Development, Partner Relationships, Consulting Services & Product Management. He thrives on building high performing & innovative teams to achieve strategic growth.

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Elizabeth McNichol

Elizabeth McNichol

Principal, Risk and Regulatory, PwC US

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