The Impact of Agile and DevOps on Digital Transformations

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Transforming Risk into Confidence podcast series

In this episode, Jennifer Lendler and Mike Shipham join Bob Clark to discuss the significance of Agile and DevOps in the workplace today and how they are impacting governance, risk and compliance during a digital transformation. 

We discuss the following questions: 

0:57 - What is Agile, its background and where is it being used? 
3:00 - How do you compare Agile and DevOps and why are they such a hot topic now? 
4:49 - How are governance quality and risk management managed by Agile and DevOps? 
6:16 - What is needed to achieve a greater level of control through these systems? 
8:19 - Who are some of the other stakeholders that need to think about this in the organization? 
10:01 - What do the successes with Agile and DevOps look like? 
11:48 - What does an organization need to successfully evolve to adapt Agile and DevOp principles? 
14:17 - What are some key takeaways when considering Agile and DevOps? 

About our moderator

Based in Philadelphia, Bob Clark is a Principal in PwC's Risk and Regulatory practice and leads the development of tools, methodologies, marketing and training for governance, risk and compliance solutions across large business applications. Platforms include SAP, Oracle, PeopleSoft, Salesforce, Workday and other business enabling applications. Bob leads our efforts in developing and implementing risk and control based analytics and solutions, to help clients proactively manage business and technology risks and compliance.


About our guests

Jennifer Lendler is a Managing Director in PwC's Assurance practice where she leads emerging technology solution efforts, developing and accelerating capabilities and solutions using AI, blockchain and IoT. Jennifer is a patent‐holding inventor in the field of optimization algorithms and is a relentlessly curious visionary in data and analytics, AI, blockchain and IoT. She helps clients in their application of various emerging tech throughout the finance, technology, healthcare, supply chain, consumer products, hospitality and gaming sectors.

Mike Shipham provides advice and guidance on IT delivery from portfolio through execution. He leads agile transformation initiatives, helps improve IT governance and project management to implement organisational and technological change, and provides advice on managing IT risk. This work has included periods embedded within large scale projects, and leading consulting engagements with government, financial services, and healthcare clients.

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Bob Clark

Principal, Risk and Regulatory, PwC US

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