Optimizing risk functions through the benefits of collaboration

Transforming risk into confidence

In this episode, Lauren Massey joins Brian Schwartz to discuss steps organizations can take to maximize risk coverage, create efficiencies and drive stronger risk insight.

We discuss the following questions:

1:04 - What do we mean "the whole is greater than the sum of the parts" in the context of risk function collaboration and how is it beneficial? 
2:53 - What are we seeing risk functions do to try to optimize one another and what are some starting points? 
4:47 - How important is digital transformation as part of the optimization of a risk function? 
6:18 - What are other steps risk functions can take besides digitization? 
7:32 - How does an organization’s brand factor into their transformation and optimization efforts? 
8:19 - What are some key takeaways for those looking to optimize the value of their risk functions?

About our moderator

Brian Schwartz is a Partner in PwC's Risk and Regulatory Practice and the primary author of the Global Risk Study. With over 30 years of experience, Brian has a diverse background with deep risk management and internal audit experiences and capabilities, including consulting and corporate leadership roles as Chief Audit Executive, Compliance Officer and member of Risk Oversight Committee. Brian has worked with companies across sectors. He has a proven track record of helping companies think through emerging and future risks and providing with the right, tailored solutions to address those risks and concerns.

About our guest

Lauren Massey is a PwC Principal based in Tampa, Florida focused on delivering strategic Internal Audit, Compliance and Risk Management solutions to clients in the manufacturing and technology sectors. She has been helping companies integrate data and technology into their internal audit strategies, and is a subject matter specialist in data mining and analysis around control deficiencies and potential instances of fraud. In her role, she is responsible for delivering continuous enterprise risk assessment, internal audit strategy, engagement planning and budgeting, as well as managing communications with audit committees and senior executives.


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