With every new innovation, firms are driving more of their business investments through fact based decision making. D'conStruct aims to simulate this scenario using an interesting example that you can relate to. D’conStruct challenges the best brains across campuses to compete with each other for a grand prize.

The new era of globalization has seen the world becoming a smaller place. With explosive expansion of businesses across varied geographical markets, the older paradigms have paved way for newer, fresher ideas and approaches to solving business problems. Firms are constantly innovating to keep abreast to the changing world. With free and limitless access to information, making the best use of available data has become a necessity. 

D'conStruct, PwC DIAC (Decision Innovation Analytics Consulting)‘s annual simulated business case competition conducted at Indian Institute of Management Bangalore, Indian Institute of Management Calcutta and the Indian School of Business, is designed to give you the flavor of a full-fledged consulting engagement. Teams will get hands on experience in consulting - from writing a proposal, to solving the business problem, managing the client relationship and making the final recommendations to C-Suite of the client. 

D'conStruct goes beyond just problem solving and includes exposing you to interacting with clients, working in a team, dealing with ambiguity, making presentations to a difficult management team


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Competition overview

D'conStruct 2018 will be conducted in two rounds:

Round 1: RFP Response Submission

After you successfully register for D'conStruct (registration begins on 8th August, 00:01 hours and ends on 12th August 23:59 hours) you will receive the formal "Request for Proposal" document. This document outlines the problem the client is facing, engagement objectives and also the submission requirements for Round 1. This submission would require you to outline your understanding of the problem, approach to the solution and timeline to completion of the project. Deadline for submission is August 18th, 23:59 hours.

Round 2: Recommendations Submission & Final Presentation

Recommendations Submission: We will select top teams across campuses to qualify for this round. As per the RFP response submitted in Round 1, qualifying teams will be provided with additional information /data on August 31st (results for Round 1 will be announced by August 31st). Deadline for final submissions is September 9th, 23:59 hours. During this time, if you need any clarifications, you can schedule a maximum of one client call with us (for 15minutes only), which would be accepted depending on availability of client team. You will submit your final presentation before the deadline of this round.

Final Presentation: All teams in Round 2 will present their final recommendations to the client. Dates for the final presentations would be declared later. 

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  • Each team will consist of exactly 3 members (Your roll numbers will be verified by placement cell)
  • One individual cannot be part of more than one participating team
  • Eligibility Criteria:
    1. IIM Bangalore – PGP Students and EPGP Students
    2. IIM Calcutta – PGP, PGDBA and PGPEX Students
    3. ISB – PGP Students
  • All teams interested in participating can register for D'conStruct any time from the kick off i.e. 8th August, 00:01 hours till 12th August, 23:59 hours
  • The document outlining the Request for Proposal would be mailed to the team (by EOD) upon successful registration
  • Additional information would be given to all teams qualifying for Round 2 depending on the requirements submitted in the proposal
  • Teams are free to use additional information from external sources if necessary
  • Team submissions should be mailed to DconStruct@us.pwc.com before each round’s deadline (Round 1 deadline – August 18th, 23:59 hours, Round 2 deadline – September 9th, 23:59 hours)
  • All teams in Round 2 will be presenting their approach and findings to the client team. Dates for presentation will be confirmed later
  • Winning teams will be declared by first week of October

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Important dates

  • Registration for D'conStruct - Round 1 will kick off on 8th August 00:01 hours
  • Last date for registrations is 12th August 23:59 hours
  • Last date for submissions for Round 1 is 18th August 23:59 hours
  • Shortlisted teams after Round 1 would be declared by August 31st
  • Round 2 begins on 31st August, 17:00 hours
  • Last date for submissions of Round 2 is 9th September 23:59 hours
  • Dates for final presentations of teams in Round 2 would be declared later

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  1. The overall winner across campuses will be given a grand cash prize of INR 1,50,000
  2. The 1st runner up will be given a cash prize of INR 90,000
  3. The 2nd runner up will be given a cash prize of INR 60,000

Note : The payment will be made in accordance with your institute's placement policy.

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  • Results of D'conStruct Round 1 will be declared by 31st August
  • Results for D'conStruct Round 2 will be declared by first week of October

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