Cloud solutions for insurance organizations

Improving outcomes for carriers and customers

Carriers that can scale effectively, reduce costs and offer competitive prices have a strong competitive advantage. Cloud is the great enabler, helping carriers to configure and integrate quickly for innovation.

PwC helps insurers gain tangible value from the cloud. From pre-migration planning to execution to post-migration roadmapping, we’ve managed dozens of Guidewire, Oracle, SAP, Workday, Microsoft, AWS and other cloud transformations. We help clients prepare for and benefit from cloud’s broad impacts on

  • Employees and customers
  • Digital communication
  • Data and analytics
  • Partnerships and ecosystems
  • Security

With PwC, you’ll be able to avoid common pitfalls, make informed decisions and get real bang for your buck.

PwC 2023 cloud business survey

Key insurance findings

Measurable value - In most of the areas we ask about, insurance respondents to PwC’s 2023 Cloud business survey are still waiting to see cloud technology deliver measurable value to their organizations. On the positive side of the ledger, moving to the cloud has already helped more than half of them improve their decision making and cyber posture, innovate in products and services, and improve resilience. However, less than half say they’ve seen measurable value in seven other areas, most notably in improved profitability and increased agility, at only 38% and 39%, respectively.

Industry cloud challenges - In addition, most insurance respondents – in line with other industries - are waiting to see benefits from using industry clouds compared to general purpose cloud solutions. While slightly more than half have gained process and workflow efficiencies, a majority hasn't observed benefits in the seven other areas we listed. Of note, only 23% of insurance respondents say they've enjoyed benefits in tools and technology to integrate industry-specific common data models, connectors and APIs. This is significantly lower than in banking/capital markets (43%), considerably lower than the all-industry average (35%) and lower than asset/wealth management (28%), indicating that industry cloud providers and carriers have some way to go to match solutions with expectations.

Talent gaps - Moreover, at 38%, insurance respondents perceive talent gaps as a considerably higher barrier to achieving measurable value from cloud technologies than in the all-industry average (26%), asset/wealth management (28%) and banking/capital markets (22%). The fact this barrier has affected a significant minority of insurers reflects broader concerns we've heard from the industry about competing for talent in today's robust job market.

Actionable insights from planning through execution

Key cloud considerations for insurers

Cloud solutions offer tempting benefits that users understandably want to realize as soon as possible. However, considering how insurers usually have large legacy technology stacks, establishing realistic short- and long-term strategies are critical to success. We’ll help you understand your current maturity level, the scale of change ahead of you, and a logical plan of action.

Explore our suite of cloud solutions

Preparing your people for the cloud is absolutely critical for success. IT will deal with more disruption than any other business unit but everyone - from actuaries and underwriters to financial and tax professionals and more - will be affected in some way. To have your employees ready for the upgrade, we’ll help you define and then refine throughout the transformation your 1) organizational design, 2) workforce planning, 3) communications strategy and 4) training and readiness.

Build a cloud-first operating model

In the short term, data-driven insights will play an important role in evaluating a transformation’s impact on your organization and can pave the way for better decision making. More important over the long term is how a data-driven feedback loop can help you obtain better returns from your cloud investments. We’ll apply our experience on similar transformations and knowledge of your unique circumstances to ensure you get appropriate insights from your cloud applications throughout the migration and after.

Take control of your data

Insurers maintain vast amounts of sensitive policyholder information. Strong cyber security is vital for protecting applications, data, and broader ecosystems, as well as fostering trust with customers and regulators, maintaining technical and operational resiliency and enabling the business. We’ll help you assess and continuously improve your cloud security architecture from the perspectives of 1) application & integration, 2) data and privacy, 3) identity and access management, 4) architecture engineering and hardening, and 5) staff preparedness.

Seamlessly integrate cloud security and compliance

Sustainable value from your investments

With PwC supporting your cloud transformation, you’ll benefit from:

Flexibility to meet your strategic goals

  • Effectively leverage your investments to develop a portfolio of cloud-enabled services relevant to your business strategy and transformation vision. 
  • Quickly and securely develop new capabilities, enhance existing ones and more effectively experiment with new ideas and concepts. 
  • Easily integrate with partners, ecosystems and pre-built or custom workflow-specific microservices.
  • Reduce costs and business risk.

Effective data integration and more effective risk management

  • Run advanced data analytics and reporting.
  • Effectively use AI for automating business processes. 
  • Control how you collect information and connect it with information from other solutions in a consistent and uniform manner, with little manual intervention. 
  • Faster, better informed and more consistent decisions in actuarial and underwriting, claims, financial reporting and tax, investment management and other areas.

Better customer experience and retention

  • A responsive and intuitive digital layer, integrated in the back-end with applications, for agents, employees, and policyholders.
  • 360-degree views of customers that facilitate low-cost and scalable insight-driven interactions.
  • Self-service capabilities for customers, agents and vendors through the digital channels of their choice.
  • Tailored business segment, behavioral and environmental signals to inform product recommendations.
  • Real-time transaction processing, which helps insurers address customer issues more quickly and with fewer interactions.

Explore our suite of enterprise Cloud Transformation solutions

Connect the business why with the technology how to accelerate business outcomes, powered by cloud. 

Strategy and transformation

Reimagine your business, reduce complexity, and unleash your cloud potential.

  • Cloud adoption
  • Cloud transformation strategy
  • Cloud cost optimization


Cloud migration

Using repeatable migration frameworks and industry-proven delivery methodologies, we can help you plan, design, deploy and optimize your cloud migration to help drive sustainable growth from start to finish.

Cloud migration services

Cloud migration

Application and data modernization

While our cloud migration services help your business move critical workloads to the cloud, our application and data modernization solutions offer a competitive upgrade by rebuilding your legacy systems with new cloud-native architecture and advanced data capabilities.

  • Application modernization
  • Data modernization
  • Monolith to microservices
  • Serverless architecture

Cloud-Powered innovation

Bring best ideas to life faster, with cloud-native products and services.

  • Cloud native application development
  • Cloud application architecture
  • User experience optimization with BXT Works

Cloud compliance and security

Deliver confidence in the cloud through compliance, cybersecurity and resiliency.

  • Cloud security strategy
  • Cloud compliance
  • Cloud governance

Cloud operating model and workforce

Elevate your organizational capabilities to thrive in the cloud.

  • Develop a strong cloud operating model and blueprint for accelerated change
  • Enable a cloud-based business model across culture, roles, process and technology
  • Accelerate your organization's upskilling journey

Cloud managed services

Jumpstart your cloud journey with business process and technology managed services.

Industry Cloud for Insurance

Changing consumer preferences, global economic pressures and technology advancements require a smart response from insurers. Our solutions help you drive innovation, reduce costs, and build a competitive advantage.

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PwC’s strategic cloud alliances for insurance


PwC and Guidewire strategically transforms businesses and maximizes your insurance technology investment by providing a seamless strategy - cloud, digital, data as well as core transformation capabilities experienced by internal customers, agents, claims personnel, and members alike.

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Amazon Web Services (AWS)

Together, PwC and AWS design, build and deliver holistic insurance solutions in the cloud.

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Google Cloud Platform (GCP)

As a Google Cloud partner, PwC is teaming with GCP around the world to help our clients transform their businesses with the power of Google.

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Microsoft Azure

Insurers are using Microsoft Azure cloud to improve outcomes for carriers and customers. 

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PwC offers a full range of Salesforce services from strategy to execution. We'll help you unite all key aspects of your business around your most valuable asset: your customers.

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