Creating value through marketing transformation

How modern marketers are building a growth flywheel

Just like other leaders in a company, marketers are in the growth business. But driving sustainable growth is far from easy. Consumers have plenty of choices, and platforms control experiences and restrict access to data, which means building direct relationships requires investment. Digital and other trends that were once new are now mainstream, and consumers are always active but increasingly disengaged with traditional advertising.

Despite these challenges, PwC has seen modern marketers thrive, with some increasing ROI by more than 10% and in some cases up to 20% each year. How do they do that? Modern marketers don’t simply reject the old for the new. Consumer-centricity, creativity and agility remain critical. But now data, analytics and technology provide a new way to play. Modern marketers are building a growth flywheel comprised of five connected capabilities:

  • Resource allocation
  • Dynamic insights
  • Creative personalization
  • Commerce anywhere
  • Measurement

These capabilities are underpinned by four structural enablers:

  • Integrated operating models
  • Agency partnerships
  • Culture and agility
  • Scalable MarTech and data platforms.

Sustaining transformation requires investment, but it doesn’t come with a blank checkbook.  Successful marketing transformations “earn the right” to sustain the momentum for change by constantly delivering effective and efficient outcomes. By narrowing focus and unlocking efficiencies, modern marketers can fuel — and more importantly, sustain — much needed investments in growth capabilities.

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Location: Our floating office behind the Palais building

Wednesday June 22, 2022

The future of marketing and customer experience

16:30-18:30 Cannes Lions local time

Speakers: Tom Adams, PwC UK Marketing Transformation & Experience Consulting Leader + Samrat Sharma, PwC US Marketing Transformation Leader + Jai Kibe, SC Johnson SVP & Global CMO

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