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Integrated Finance supported by Oracle Cloud

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Leading The Way in Financial Services

To address the challenges of today and tomorrow, financial services companies must continually transform how they do business. We have helped some of the world’s leading financial services organizations leverage Oracle technologies to do business differently. Transforming their operations using cloud-based solutions, we’ve enabled a growing number of financial services organizations to prepare, predict and evolve so they’re ready to embrace tomorrow. Built from industry-leading Oracle Cloud technologies, our PwC Financial Services Industry Model Systems provide an end-to-end framework and platform for organizations looking to embrace the cloud quickly and cost-efficiently. We have tailored these specifically to the Banking, Insurance and Asset Management sectors.

PwC's Tailored Financial Services Model Systems

Guided by PwC’s global team of Financial Services specialists, built from industry leading Oracle cloud technologies and operationalized from lessons learned from our work with multiple cloud adopters, we have created PwC Financial Services Model Systems tailored specifically for Banking, Insurance as well as Asset/Wealth Management companies.

These Model Systems deliver an effective roadmap for clients who want leverage Oracle Cloud technology to transform their businesses. By utilizing these model systems, clients have the capability to drive process standardization and efficiency, enhance controls, reduce costs and increase agility of IT, and leverage data to provide better business insights. In addition, they enable clients to streamline implementation efforts.

Built to address the specific operational and financial requirements of each Financial Services sector, these Model Systems provide a solid foundation for replatforming our clients operations. This is further supplemented by PwC's deep Financial Services industry and functional knowledge which helps to ensure that our clients realize the business outcomes they expect. And with our focus on user experience and adoption our clients are able to get the most from their investment.

A different approach for better results

Leveraging Oracle’s enterprise technologies, we work with clients in the Financial Services industry to help them think and act differently. Our Integrated Finance Model System guides each client’s transformation by providing a combination of industry insights, deep functional knowledge, extensive experience, and powerful enabling technologies. We align our clients’ needs to this model with a constant focus on achievable business outcomes.

Our approach centers on what will make the biggest difference in our clients’ success, helping them maximize benefits from Oracle’s enabling technologies. We enlist all competencies of our firm to architect a benefits- driven outcomes that revolve around value, speed, risk mitigation and agility.

Value: organizational and process enhancement of finance and risk management functions that prompt reduced costs and more time for business value added activities

Speed: automated and streamlined financial processes and information access

Focus: common data platforms, centralized accounting engine and robust reporting and analytic tools which provide enhanced risk management and profitability

Agility: ability to adjust quickly to regulatory, accounting and business changes

Financial Services gain and maintain stability and agility with PwC's Integrated Financial Model Systems

Leveraging Oracle’s enterprise technologies, PwC works with clients in the financial services industry to make the impossible, possible. Our Integrated Finance Model System guides each client engagement by providing a combination of PwC’s industry business insights, deep functional knowledge and extensive experience with enabling technologies. While aligning our clients’ needs to this model we also focus on what business outcomes are achievable to help paint the picture of what the end transformation will look like.

PwC’s approach focuses on putting the spotlight on what desired business outcomes our clients are looking for - value, speed, focus and agility. This approach is defining a new way to deliver and achieve with our clients within the financial services industry to maximize benefits from Oracle’s enabling technologies.

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