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Driving better outcomes: PwC collaborates with Oracle Customer Success Services

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  • March 12, 2024

Alexis Hall

US Oracle Alliance Leader, PwC US


Kevin Sullivan

Global and US Oracle Practice Leader, PwC US


One of the first System Integrators (SI) to collaborate with Oracle Customer Success Services (CSS), PwC is dedicated to helping customers receive direct and attributable value for their Oracle Cloud investments and was recognized with the 2023 Worldwide Customer Success Partner of the Year Award.

“Through PwC’s embedded offering in Oracle CSS, PwC and Oracle collaborate with our customers to establish a shared vision of success and the necessary steps to attain it,” said Gary Miller, Executive Vice President of Customer Success, Oracle. “As one of the first system integrators to collaborate with Oracle CSS program, PwC is positioned to assist clients in defining success, building the roadmap to achieve it using Oracle Cloud applications and fostering alignment among their stakeholders throughout the project’s lifecycle. This collaboration can help create ongoing value for the customer to sustain business outcomes long after the go-live."

In today's rapidly evolving business landscape, organizations are constantly seeking ways to optimize their operations, enhance customer experiences and drive growth. Achieving such transformation requires an executive sponsorship, stakeholder buy-in, program discipline and a governance model that sets the program up for success.

To help reach these goals, businesses turn to trusted system integrators and technology vendors like PwC and Oracle to help them realize value and achieve lasting success through technology-enabled transformation, no matter where they are in their journey.

As a recognized leader in Oracle implementations, PwC offers an industry-first approach, helping customers transform and grow their businesses by driving innovation with Oracle technology. As of 2023, PwC has successfully delivered over 750 Oracle Cloud implementations.

PwC’s proven track record in Oracle Cloud has culminated in a formal collaboration with Oracle Customer Success Services which is designed to help customers achieve their business objectives and increase the value of their Oracle investments. With a unified approach, PwC and Oracle work lockstep throughout the cloud journey, providing an enhanced and simplified engagement model for PwC’s and Oracle’s joint customers. And this shared commitment and accountability can help give customers confidence that PwC and Oracle together can help them achieve their vision of success.

“The deliberate and thoughtful collaboration amongst Teladoc Health, PwC and Oracle was instrumental in our ability to transform our business and achieve the objectives of our Oracle program.“

Armando Dias,VP of IT Operations at Teladoc Health, a virtual care company that recently went live with Oracle Fusion Cloud.

The embedded offering includes collaboration on a range of services spanning the implementation lifecycle that can be tailored to the customer’s needs, including: business case development; executive sponsorship and governance; mobilization, education and enablement; advisory services for solution assessments, process change and readiness; priority support; and managed services. This collaboration couples PwC and Oracle knowledge and services so they can better prepare joint customers and help unlock the potential of Oracle’s industry-leading -technology.

“PwC and Oracle have an incredibly strong alliance founded on our commitment to driving success for our mutual customers,” said Jim Priestley, VP Customer Success, Oracle. “Our collaboration with PwC is focused on helping implementers deliver even greater customer outcomes. With PwC and Oracle working closely together through the entire lifecycle, clients can benefit from the power of our combined industry-leading experience and a seamless, enhanced customer support experience.”

Here’s an overview of how companies can ignite business growth with PwC and Oracle CSS:

Strategy and planning

PwC works closely with companies to better understand their unique business challenges and goals, developing a business case, future state architecture, deployment roadmap and governance plan for the transformation. Oracle works with customers to advise what the governance model should be for an implementation, to establish that the appropriate leadership is in place from the technology vendor, the system integrator and the customer. Together, PwC and Oracle help mobilize the program for success, with each of the stakeholders bought-in, enabled and focused on realizing a common vision of success.

Implementation and integration

PwC’s Oracle model systems can help customers accelerate implementation by adopting proven solutions and industry-leading processes. This can provide more time for PwC to help customers solve their unique challenges and capitalize on greater opportunities to differentiate. As PwC designs the system, Oracle can assess the solution and provide guidance for enhanced performance and outcomes. PwC and Oracle also work hand-in-hand in testing and through go-live, leveraging Oracle for mission-critical services such as performance monitoring and priority support to help resolve issues faster.

Review and evolution

A customer’s journey doesn’t end once implementation is complete. PwC conducts recurring business reviews to help monitor customer outcomes against their KPIs and surface new opportunities for digital enablement and continual value realization. Through this process, PwC works with Oracle to help keep companies ahead of the curve by providing insights into the Oracle product roadmap (upcoming feature releases), industry trends and emerging technologies such as AI. This collaborative approach helps enable customers to embrace innovation, adapt to changing market dynamics and stay competitive.

In the digital age, companies not only need industry-leading technology solutions, but also a strategic collaborator to help support sustained business growth and innovation. Through this joint customer success offering, PwC and Oracle can provide a unique blend of industry knowledge and a holistic suite of offerings that can help customers not just modernize their technology successfully today, but drive sustainable outcomes for the future.

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