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I stream. You stream.
Tapping into the opportunity of the streaming boom

For the fifth consecutive year, we’re digging into the evolution of America’s relationship with video. In 2017, despite a continued decline in traditional Pay TV subscriptions, we’re also seeing some signs of trouble in the new order. What’s driving the continuing drop-off in Pay TV, and what’s keeping some people tethered to the cord? How are people incorporating new streaming services into their lives? Where are the opportunities for new entrants and for advertisers? We conducted extensive research to learn more about what consumers want from the growing number of video-consumption options.

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Upskill your TMT workforce to adopt a new digital mindset

Our data also shows that companies that prioritize innovation, use cross-functional teams and agile approaches and who demonstrate a better understanding of the human experience will financially outperform their peers. PwC’s Digital Workforce Transformation helps change the way employees learn, think, interact and solve problems. Through the Digital Fitness app, we build a clear understanding of your workforce’s digital fluency and create a transformation program tailored to your organization.

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You increase productivity and growth across the entire value chain

More than ever, business leaders are looking to digital and emerging technologies to help drive innovation, improve decision making and customer experience, and even create new business models. The transformative opportunity provided by digital approaches and technologies has moved to the forefront of business and extracting value from new and existing technology is now a part of every CEO’s mandate.

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