Next Manufacturing: Industry 4.0

New technologies are changing the face of manufacturing—from 3D printing, robotics, the industrial Internet of Things, to autonomous vehicles.​

What’s next for industrial manufacturing? 

Factories are becoming increasingly connected, as machines talk to one another and to humans. Automation and autonomy reach new milestones, too, as robots become more independent, mobile and take on more human attributes.

But something else is happening. As manufacturing embraces the digital age, they are becoming as much the purveyors of things as they are producers and sellers of data and information. Manufacturers are now crossing a threshold as they seek new ways to commercialize not only their traditional products, but also new digital and IoT-enabled services stacked upon those products. 

This is an exciting transformation, and one that will likely unfold in surprising ways. PwC will continue to tell this story of what’s next in manufacturing.​

Data for the life of the aircraft

How the adoption of blockchain can provide a boost of power and efficiency to the aerospace industry

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Insights on next manufacturing

Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) and digital

The IoT and digitalization of data are at the heart of today’s smart factory, enabling real-time connectedness—not only within the factory (robots teaching one another) but also outside its walls (products talking to their manufacturers). The rapid and wide deployment of data-gathering devices—and the analysis of that data—are transforming manufacturers from makers of things to makers (and sellers) of information.

Surveys and reports

How can blockchain power industrial manufacturing?

Data for the life of the aircraft - through blockchain

Digital Champions

Manufacturing's next big act: Building an industrial digital ecosystem

Industry 4.0: Global Digital Operations 2018 Survey

IoT and Big Data for manufacturing

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Texts from a trash can, and the new digital culture

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Understanding the industrial internet of things

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Factory of the future

Factory of the future: Sensor technology

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Industrial mobility

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Additive manufacturing (3D printing)

The mainstreaming of 3D printing has arrived, and it’s changing the face of manufacturing. It is now being seen as a go-to technology for prototyping parts and increasingly for final products, opening a future of how and where products are made.

Surveys and reports

3D printing comes of age in US industrial manufacturing

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Five ways 3D printing is changing manufacturing

How 3D printing is moving from the lab to factory floor

Briefing: 3D printing (PwC 2017 Global Digital IQ Survey)

3D printing and the ‘flattening’ of manufacturing

Limitations of 3D printing


Factory of the future: Additive manufacturing

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Manufacturers have led in automation technology for decades, and now they're deploying a new generation of robots—one that can see and sense what (and who) is in their midst as they move about and perform a widening array of tasks. They're also becoming more trainable, collaborative and safe (and less expensive) co-workers, further prompting swifter and wider adoption.

Surveys and reports

Robot-ready: Adopting a new generation of industrial robots

Manufacturing's next big act: Building an industrial digital ecosystem

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Why is 2018 the year of the robot?

Humans and robots: Will they make each other better?

Robots: what’s the next killer app?

Robots are taking on more responsibility. What does this mean for manufacturing jobs?

Robotics and the age of autonomous help


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Virtual and augmented reality

Manufacturers are adopting virtual and augmented reality technologies in serious and innovative ways—from R&D (virtually entering the inner workings of a jet engine) to worker safety (downloading machinery repair instructions via smart glasses on an oil rig). These technologies are also connecting workers in the field and are revolutionizing worker training.

Surveys and reports

For US manufacturers, virtual reality is for real

Briefing: Augmented reality (PwC 2017 Global Digital IQ Survey)

Blog posts

Wearable technology in the connected factory of the future

Manufacturers are putting virtual reality to work…and in surprising ways

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Risk and cybersecurity

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