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Trust Leadership Institute

It’s time for a new era of leadership.

Trust is the future of business. The business landscape is changing, fast. The skills needed to effectively lead are fundamentally different from even five years ago. Now is the time for all of us to lean into the responsibility — and embrace the opportunity — to lead with trust and deliver meaningful and lasting impact. 

The PwC Trust Leadership Institute provides an immersive learning experience to equip 10,000 of today and tomorrow’s C-suite leaders, business executives and corporate director leaders with the skills to develop trust and create a connected center of excellence in leadership and community.

Diversity, equity and inclusion is fundamental to the culture of the PwC Trust Leadership Institute. To foster an environment of inclusion, the PwC Trust Leadership Institute aspires to dedicate at least 50 percent of seats to women and/or racially/ethnically diverse executives within each cohort.

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The PwC Trust Leadership Institute brings together business executives across industries to assess the most current business drivers and trends and work together to determine ways in which their companies can earn trust, deliver sustainable outcomes, and impact business and society. For today. For good. 

Participants of the program will spend time exploring: 

  • The skillset to lead differently, confidently

  • A multi-faceted, immersive learning experience

  • Access to top minds focused on trust building

  • A connected network to drive change

This immersive experience includes virtual learning tracks over a four-month period, community-driven learning and exclusive access to distinguished thought leaders who’ll share their insights and expand our thinking around the opportunities for and complexities of leading a trust-driven organization. 

Through our nine learning tracks, we’ll go deep on the most complex and critical issues facing your business — and explore how we can strengthen our approach through a focus on trust-based principles. Because strategy doesn’t exist in a vacuum, we’ll maintain focus on the interdependencies of the core elements of trust within an evolving stakeholder landscape.

Cornerstone: Why Trust Matters in a Fundamentally Changing World

The cornerstone will feature marquee keynote speakers (including Harvard Business School professor Sandra Sucher author of The Power of Trust, and our US Chair, Tim Ryan), cohort-centered learning, experiential trust-building activities, a preview of the virtual learning tracks and networking with fellow participants.

Cybersecurity and Privacy

The decisions we make when preparing for and managing a cyber and privacy crisis can have a significant impact on the trust our organizations hold in the market. In this track, we’ll explore how strategic technology, cyber  and privacy investments can inspire higher customer trust, improve performance and increase value.

Trust in Data & Technology

As businesses adapt with disruptive technology, we need to keep in mind our responsibility to humanity — focusing on tech that’s not only good for business, but that also reflects inclusivity, improves user experience and protects personal data. In this track, we’ll explore the complexities driving the lack of trust in today’s technology — and how to respond decisively.

Ethical Decision-making

Leaders face brand-defining decisions that must often be made with incomplete data. These situations require consideration of how decisions impact investors, customers, employees, competitors, regulators and society. This track will support ethical decision-making processes and help build a corporate culture rooted in ethics that considers the interests of all stakeholders.

Building a Culture of Transparency

Transparency requires authenticity (even in the face of adversity), and context (even in the face of success). In this track, we’ll explore the changing landscape around transparency expectations, and how to sustain trust-based stakeholder relationships through transparency.

Management of Sustainable Value Chains

Global value chains are increasingly interconnected, interdependent, and vulnerable to dynamic outside forces. Regulators, customers, employees and investors exert pressure on leaders to sustainably manage value chains. In this track, you will learn how to transform your value chain to mitigate risk and unlock new sources of value.

Empowering Economic Mobility

Economic mobility — or lack thereof — is a mounting challenge within both advanced and emerging economies. This track will provide insight into the different types of economic inequality and challenges to mobility. Together, we’ll explore how to earn trust and fulfill responsibilities to communities in the decisions made both inside and outside our organizations.

The New Workforce Contract

The “contract” between employers and employees is at a critical inflection point. We are in an unprecedented fight for talent and employees are demanding more safe, inclusive, flexible and transparent workplaces. This track will explore how nurturing the new workforce “contract” is critical to building and maintaining trust in today’s rapidly changing geopolitical and economic environment.

Policy in Action

More than ever before, business leaders are expected to engage in shaping public policy. This track will explore the ways businesses can build and also erode trust among key constituencies by influencing public policy. And it will help you consider your organization’s policy-oriented decisions and actions, based on your enterprise’s unique purpose and values. 

Building Trust in a Multi Stakeholder Environment

As stakeholder groups grow more complex and influential, an organization’s communications still need to break through and connect. This track focuses on developing modern, purpose-led communications strategies that drive engagement and action.

Capstone: Corporate Governance and Managing the Interdependencies

Corporate Governance Business leaders are increasingly called upon to help their Board of Directors recognize and respond to external trends impacting corporate strategy. During the capstone, we’ll explore shareholder perspectives and how best to engage with boards of directors as they balance short and long-term interests. 

Managing the Interdependencies We’ll wrap up with an in-person capstone event, explore how to manage the interdependencies of trust, hear from marquee keynote speakers, solidify bespoke action plans for your organizations, and graduate from the Trust Leadership Institute.

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