Prioritizing Well-being: Our Commitment to our People

When our people are given the space to share who they are and how they feel, our culture of belonging grows stronger.  

We are stitching well-being into daily experiences and supporting our people as their lives and needs evolve, including more personalized benefits and resources: 

  • Expanded protected time: We give our people two week-long firmwide shutdowns in July and December and provide tech-enabled solutions to plan and take uninterrupted time off year-round.  
  • Doubling down on flexibility: Working flexibly is key to our culture, ingrained rather than earned. We prioritize flexibility through an inclusive, hybrid work culture and a variety of flexible arrangements, including reduced schedules, 20% pay leaves of absence, and options to work internationally. 
  • Enhanced our parental and mental health benefits:
    • Parental leave benefits: 12 weeks of parental leave is available for all parents, regardless of gender, and also provide an additional four weeks of phased return to work allowing parents to work a reduced schedule of 60% of a 40-hour work week (24 hours) and be paid their regular base pay.  
    • Mental health benefits: 64% of leaders are investing in their workforce by implementing or expanding mental health benefits. We offer 12 annual free visits, per issue, per year, with a mental health professional and a reimbursement amount of 90% for out-of-network mental health support. We also provide free access to 24/7 live text-based chat with well-being coaches.

Gervais Mbunkeu, Manager

“I am beyond grateful to be part of an organization that truly understands the importance of family and work-life balance. As a father, I've had the incredible opportunity to take 12 weeks of paid parental leave to bond with our newborn, and the impact has been nothing short of extraordinary. As I look back on those 12 weeks, I see not just a father bonding with his child, but a family forging a bond stronger than ever before. I see a workplace that recognizes the profound impact of parenthood on mental health and the collective happiness of families. I see the enduring strength of love, resilience and unwavering support.”  - Gervais Mbunkeu, Manager

Kennedy Byrne, Senior Associate

“I am grateful for PwC’s International Remote Work policy, which allowed me to work from Sayulita, Mexico this winter. Living in Seattle, I was looking to escape the gray and dreary weather. I’ve been visiting Sayulita’s quaint town for years, and during this year’s visit, I was able to work my regular schedule and execute my expected workload at PwC. Being able to go to the beach on the weekends, surf and catch the sunset after work was the mental health boost that I needed!” - Kennedy Byrne, Senior Associate

Ali Suleman, Manager

“The importance of adoption and IVF benefits are not talked about enough – and the costs can be extremely high. For PwC to offer the level of support that they do for adoption was invaluable to our family. The additional six weeks of leave that PwC provides for bonding was especially helpful, because part of our adoption process required me to live in Morocco for five weeks and I had the time to connect with my son.” - Ali Suleman, Manager

Supporting our people year-round, both at work and at home, remains a top priority. We will continue to create personalized benefits that cater to the needs of our people and focus on embedding well-being into the day-to-day experiences of our people and teams.

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