PwC prepares for a week-long firmwide shutdown this July

At PwC, we’re continuing to build a future where well-being is front and center – and as part of our ongoing commitment to flexibility and well-being, we’re looking forward to our next firmwide shutdown from July 3-7. 

Firmwide shutdowns allow our people to rest and recharge together, and are widely viewed as one of our firm’s most meaningful perks. We’ve provided a week-long December firmwide shutdown in the US since 2003, and when we launched our My+ people strategy one year ago, we added an additional week-long shutdown in July. 

In addition to the firmwide shutdowns, we encourage our people to take advantage of the firm’s various informal and formal flexibility offerings, such as virtual and flexible roles, compressed work weeks, flex time, and Leave of Absence (LoA) options that allow employees to take a LoA for four weeks up to six months at 20% pay.

"In December 2022, I had the opportunity to work remotely from my hometown of Glasgow, Scotland. It was my first visit home since I moved to the US the year prior. During my stay, I caught up with friends and family and during the firmwide shutdown, even managed to squeeze in a road trip to the Highlands, where I visited the beautiful Isle of Skye. The highlight of my trip was spending time with my family and putting up our Christmas tree in our new family home – we even celebrated our family pup Oscar's second birthday. It was truly a special experience." - David McLauchlan, Senior Associate, Trust Solutions

“It was refreshing to unwind and unplug during the firm's July 2022 shutdown. Our family made the most of the time off, leaving behind warm and sunny Tampa to embrace the rain and cold of Seattle and Alaska. Every moment was treasured, and we were captivated by the incredible destinations – what truly awesome places to visit!” - Christopher Fludd, Manager, Business Services

“With all the chaos in the world around us, now more than ever we need the time to take a break, reflect and spend time with our loved ones. Last year, I spent the July shutdown with my family visiting some of the most holy places in India, such as the holy shrine of Maa Vaishno Devi in Jammu, India. The time away truly gave me the motivation and energy to keep going upon returning to work.” - Monica Nayar, Office Managing Partner, Silicon Valley

As a professional services firm, there may be cases when select individuals may need to work during a shutdown due to certain client needs. In those cases, leaders will work with individuals to help them take time away prior to or after the break, so that our clients’ needs are met and our people get the protected time off they deserve.

We are continually listening to our people and evolving what we offer to best support them throughout their lives. By personalizing our approach to benefits and well-being, we are helping our people be their best selves at home, work and in our communities.

David McLauchlan, Senior Associate

David McLauchlan, Senior Associate, Trust Solutions

Christopher Fludd, Manager, Business Services

Christopher Fludd, Manager, Business Services

Monica Nayar, Office Managing Partner, Silicon Valley

Monica Nayar, Office Managing Partner, Silicon Valley

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