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Transforming perceptions of retail healthcare

Walmart is the #1 ranked company in the Fortune 500 with $500,343 billion in revenue; $50 billion coming from health related products and services annually. Walmart is a multinational retail corporation based in the US that operates over 5,000 supercenters, stores, neighborhood markets and clubs nationwide and employs more than 1.4 million US associates.

Walmart understood the growing demand and lack of knowledge surrounding obesity, chronic disease prevalence and health literacy across the United States. They knew that by 2020, nearly 20% of the US GDP is projected to be spent on healthcare and saw an opportunity to make an impact in healthcare while catering to the 150 million consumers that walked through their stores every week.

Walmart strived to transform how people thought about retail healthcare and unite the wide range of health and wellness products and services they already offered (e.g., pharmacy, clinics, DME, immunizations) while expanding into new programs and products based off their consumers needs’ (e.g., health literacy tools, insurance assistance, screenings, etc.).

Helping to build a one-stop shop

Walmart engaged PwC to help bring their vision of a one-stop-shop, retail health destination to life. The team facilitated strategy workshops with cross functional internal stakeholders, vendors, and agencies to align on overall brand strategy. This included designing a customer experience and defining content requirements for print/digital educational collateral, while enhancing operational efficiencies through playbooks and supporting execution.

Ultimately, by delivering a tailored and impactful solution aligned to Walmart’s mission, goals and strengths, Walmart leveraged 200 million transactions each week as touchpoints to help consumers on a journey to a healthier life. The program resulting from the work was “Healthcare Begins Here”, a campaign aimed at assisting consumers with making smarter decisions on everyday health and wellness needs for themselves and their families.

“From health screenings and immunizations to learning about eating a healthier diet and staying physically fit, [this] is just one way that Walmart wants to support [our customers’] efforts to live a healthier life.”

Marcus Osborne, Walmart’s Vice President of Health & Wellness Payer Relations

Living better through health and wellness

“Healthcare Begins Here” began as a passport to healthier living event at local Walmart stores throughout the country. Through the program consumers were provided healthcare information to guide them on their journey to live healthier lives. Consumers also had access to several preventative services such as free blood pressure, blood glucose and vision screenings and access to immunizations and a one-stop-shop health insurance enrolment platform.

To date, the program has received numerous operational excellence awards within health and wellness and a distinctive company-wide merchandising excellence award, positioning the program for continued growth and relevance. The program also broke numerous records for the amount of consumers who received immunizations, free blood pressure and free blood glucose screenings in an 8 hour period. Within one day, Walmart showed how powerful retail health can be.

The success of “Healthcare Begins Here” proved that Walmart can make a difference in healthcare and has led to other successful initiatives including new supplier collaboration opportunities beyond the pharmacy to reach the biggest winner: the customer.


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