Building a better patient experience through digital technology

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The quest to improve health through information technology

eHealth Initiative and Foundation (eHI) convenes executives across the healthcare continuum to explore how to transform healthcare delivery through technology and innovation. eHI and its coalition of members—providers, payers, patient advocacy groups, pharmaceutical companies, and technology vendors—focus on harmonizing new technology and care models in a way that improves population health, enhances the patient experience, and lowers costs.

eHI’s executive leadership team wanted to understand how the organization could help the healthcare industry to deliver better patient experiences using digital technologies. Specifically, the leaders wanted to learn more about the digital space in healthcare and opportunities to improve the patient experience. One goal was to clarify the role that eHI could play in this area and identify where to focus the organization’s efforts in 2018. The leaders asked PwC to help in translating the vision of a better patient experience into tactical actions that eHI members could take.

A “sandbox” approach to exploring new technologies

The daylong session dubbed “Insight Day,” for eHI’s executive leadership team was held at PwC’s Experience Center in Hallandale, Florida, a digital accelerator where a “sandbox” approach is used to help clients explore potential technologies and envision new approaches.

To spark their own imaginations, participants were rotated through a series of chat rooms featuring demos of digital and analytical solutions for healthcare developed by PwC.

Realizing the promise of digital technology

The Insight Day encouraged frank discussions among eHI’s executive leadership team. It helped the team rethink its assumptions and explore how to view and tackle old challenges in new ways. With PwC’s help, by the end of the day eHI’s leadership team reached consensus on three major initiatives to help achieve their key goals for 2018:

  • Share best practices and pilots happening across the industry to drive broader adoption of digital technologies that improve the patient experience;
  • Advance eHI’s Medication Adherence initiative by fostering use of digital technologies to enhance compliance; and
  • Promote development and use of a patient-owned electronic health record and shift the focus of the industry from creating business models that rely on proprietary data to models that call for sharing data more freely. Such collaboration could improve the patient experience while still allowing health organizations to innovate and compete at a higher level.

“eHealth Initiative convened top digital healthcare executives for a retreat to discuss the steps needed to improve the patient experience. Working in the PwC “sandbox” was a unique experience. PwC facilitated a powerful and influential discussion to help us envision and plan our strategic next steps.”

Jen Covich, Chief Executive Officer, eHealth Initiative and Foundation (eHI)


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