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Hosted by Doug McHoney, PwC's Global International Tax Services Leader, the Cross-border Tax Talks Series provides listeners with the latest trends in taxation. Various PwC specialists are featured and share insights on key issues impacting the ever-changing tax landscape.

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Pillar Two in Ireland: It takes a village

Doug McHoney (PwC's Global International Tax Services Leader) and Peter Reilly (PwC International Tax Partner & Ireland’s Tax Policy Leader) are at PwC EMEA’s International Tax Academy in Prague to discuss Ireland’s implementation of Pillar Two. Doug and Peter dive into why Irish policy makers agreed to adopt the Pillar Two regime, how Ireland is incorporating the OECD guidance, the potential effects on the Irish economy and current tax regime, the ways Irish multinationals are preparing, and the potential ramifications in the future. 



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Doug McHoney

Doug McHoney

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Geoff Jacobi

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