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Drive automation & analytics through a digitally transformed workforce

We’re on the edge of a new world of work -- one brimming with possibilities from automation, data analysis, artificial intelligence and other emerging technologies. But technology is only as good as the leaders who identify its opportunities, and the people who work with it every day. That’s where companies can come up short: their people may lack new skills and those skills can be hard to hire for.

46% of global CEOs say their first priority to remedy the issue is upskilling their existing workforces - but many leaders are finding that their efforts aren’t paying off -- they’re not getting the return on investment (ROI) they want or the change they need.

How PwC can help your business accelerate its automation journey

PwC’s Virtual Digital Academies are designed to help empower organizations to drive automation and analytics through a digitally transformed workforce while linking their automation roadmap to solving specific data and business challenges. We guide participants through demonstrations and hands-on exercises using the latest tools for data analytics, visualization and automation. We also provide relevant use case examples to help teams discover new ways to solve complex data processing needs. Based on your industry and profile, the academy can be configured to fit your organization's specific needs.

Provides hands-on exercises with the latest tools for Data Automation, Data Visualization, and Robotics Process Automation

Digital Academies are available for all functions within an organization including but not limited to tax, finance, controllership, accounting, HR, operations, risk and treasury

Jumpstart your automation program with a Digital Academy and receive insights on proven approaches to further technology adoption and enablement

What value can you realize


Reduce the time and money spent on mundane data manipulation activities and utilize the time savings to drive enterprise value.

Business agility

Automate decision-making processes and over/underperforming areas.

Increase collaboration

Document processes and share centralized data in a format that invites collaboration and shortens decision timeframes.

Enhanced reporting

Aggregate and enrich various data sources in a simplified and flexible fashion with the ability to create ad hoc reports & queries.

Analyze large data sets

Quickly process large volumes of data to obtain real-time results for analysis and use across various processes.

Virtual Digital Academy

This standard 1 or 2-day program provides a hands-on experience that introduces tools for leveraging automation, analytics and data visualization*.

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Virtual Masters Digital Academy

This advanced 1 or 2-day program extends the standard academy with new topics such as advanced interface tools, complex formulas, performance optimization, application creation, data validation, robotics, machine learning and artificial intelligence*.

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*Digital Academies qualify for CPE credits

Digital Academies accelerate citizen-led data automation and analytics

“Citizen-Led Data Automation and Analytics” is a rapidly expanding trend that starts when an organization implements self-service tools and training that empower every data worker, regardless of their technical acumen, to solve complex business problems. Citizen-led problem solving is driven by the business end user, working to enhance his or her individual processes that can be easily scaled over time. This process can generate targeted ‘quick-wins’ efficiently with the potential to transform the business, bringing to scale the automation & analytics discussion for larger enterprise-wide buy-in.

PwC’s Commitment to grow tomorrow’s worker today

Over the next four years, we at PwC are committing US $3bn to upskilling. This will primarily be invested in training our people, and in technologies for supporting clients and communities. Together we can grow tomorrow’s workers today. In the process, we’ll make the world a more resilient, more capable and more inclusive place.

Learn more about our New world. New skills, initiative.



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