Andy Ruggles

Andy Ruggles

US Data Automation and Global Alteryx Alliance Leader, PwC US

Andy is the US Data Automation and Global Alteryx Alliance leader for our US tax practice. What does that mean? He focuses on solving our clients' data issues through use of automation and technology, with a special focus on the use of citizen-led technology which puts the power of automation in the hands of all professionals.

Andy is a national leader in automation for organizations in setting and executing strategies. He is a frequent speaker in panels and forums regarding the transformation of process and technology and how the citizen led effort fits into enterprise strategy.  His extensive track record working with organizations’ tax departments, IT departments, and leadership teams as well as PwC’s teams of technology professionals provides clients the optimal blend of tax perspective with the experience and pragmatism in tax operations.

Andy has a BS in Finance (CSU, Long Beach) and an MBA with Accounting emphasis (CSU, East Bay), is a member of the AICPA and California Society of CPAs.


  • National partner focused on data, process and technology 
  • Extensive experience assisting organizations in transition clients from an existing process to a technology enabled process designed to increase efficiency, transparency and reporting capabilities 
  • Frequent speaker on tax panels and forums on industry trends and pragmatic solutions
  • Member of the AICPA and California Society of CPAs.