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Solve for cloud, full speed ahead

PwC times the power of Microsoft Azure

Your cloud future, fully realized with Azure

It’s time for your organization to embrace cloud – a transformational technology that drives resiliency, agility and lasting innovation. While many business leaders agree that cloud is an integral part of their strategy and operations, few are positioned to fully deliver on its promise. The reason? Many are not marrying the right solutions and technologies with their business objectives. 

That’s where PwC and Microsoft Azure come in. Helping organizations identify the business case for transformation is at our core. Our deep industry expertise combined with the security, flexibility and speed of Microsoft’s Azure cloud, can accelerate your business outcomes in weeks rather than months.

The CIO Imperative webcast series: How tech leaders can maximize cloud ROI

53% of companies aren’t seeing substantial value from their cloud investments. PwC and Microsoft's cloud leaders discuss how tech leaders can get payback on cloud. Join us on Nov 10 at 12:00pm ET.

How Microsoft Azure powers your cloud transformation

Accounts for every cloud

Not all cloud providers are the same. You need one that can work within your complex business needs and evolve along with your company to unlock innovation. Azure does just that, regardless of where you store your data, by working seamlessly with on-premises, hybrid and public cloud environments.

Secures your business 

Cybersecurity attacks are rising – you need to make sure your company and customers are safe. With Azure, your cloud environment is not only well protected, but it comes with a variety of security solutions that prevent attacks. Use artificial intelligence (AI) to identify threats early and implement controls to protect your most sensitive data.

Coding for all

As employees get more digitally savvy, it’s no longer solely up to technical experts to launch and develop new programs. With Azure’s “low-code” environment, staff can create automations and tools with pre-built templates. That makes continuous development easier for “pro and low code” teams — allowing for faster collaboration and problem solving.

Scales IT costs

Looking to manage your expensive IT infrastructure costs? Azure can help. Microsoft owns and protects your servers and data environments, rather than you having to do that yourself. Azure also allows you to pay for only the space you need at any given time.

Tailors to industry

Rather than trying to figure out the right combination of cloud services on your own, tap into the power of Microsoft’s pre-packaged industry clouds. Azure has developed more than 200 solutions to meet your specific business or industry needs – all of which can help start or enhance your cloud journey.

"Microsoft cloud is built on trust and security: trust in technology, trust in business model alignment."

Satya Nadella, CEO, Microsoft

Power your company with PwC’s Azure-built solutions

The right cloud solutions for accelerating business outcomes.

Cloud-powered innovation

You can’t get ahead in today’s world without innovation. That means creating better user experiences, developing game-changing products and responding faster to customer needs. With PwC and Azure, you’ll get access to prebuilt solutions leveraging powerful AI, machine learning and data analytics to build cloud-native solutions at speed and scale.

Modernization and migration

Moving your systems to the cloud requires a reinvention of how your applications, data and infrastructure are built. Doing this while upskilling your people on new ways of working can deliver on the promise of cloud. Azure gives you the choice and flexibility to migrate and modernize legacy technologies faster and more agilely so you can focus on innovation and maximize business value.

Cloud compliance and security

No matter what industry you’re in, security and compliance are likely a top priority. You need to keep customer and business information safe, while complying with evolving privacy and regulatory guidelines. PwC’s industry and regulatory experience combined with the power of Azure security, can instill trust in your technology. Keep your company secure by using AI and machine learning to identify threats, controlling who can access sensitive data and leveraging cloud-native automation.

Operating model and workforce

Azure implementation is more than technology — it can fundamentally transform how your business and people operate. PwC’s human-centered approach upskills your workforce to become more efficient, productive and growth-focused. By leveraging Azure-powered tools and services, we help automate and streamline cloud adoption activities, empower your teams to build their own applications with “low-code, no-code” solutions and increase the value of your cloud investment.

Cloud solutions for every industry

Microsoft’s industry clouds are pre-packaged sector-specific solutions that can be deployed quickly and, ultimately, help your organization increase its business value.

Hospitals, clinics and insurers are using Microsoft’s cloud for healthcare to digitize processes and generate critical patient and financial data. Solutions include Azure for healthcare, Dynamics 365 for CRM and ERP to help care delivery teams and finance functions offer better and more cost-efficient services. Power Platform assists in creating automations, while healthcare-specific Azure data analytics solutions provide more insights. Its industry cloud allows organizations to improve key operational areas, such as physician relationship management and virtual health.

Richer insights for one health insurer

A health services organization wanted to create more tailored products and services for their members and quickly get them to market. The problem? They weren’t collecting the kind of actionable data — customer and finance-related — to know what mattered most to their members. Their CRM, ERP and claims platforms weren’t well integrated, which caused delays and gaps in the insights they could generate. The insurer implemented Dynamics 365 CRM and ERP, customer relationship management and enterprise resource planning solutions that can easily speak to one another, which unified member and finance data. They could then see everything from services being used to member preferences faster than before. Getting richer insights more quickly has led to personalized products and higher sales, while members now get the health services they need.

As one of the more highly regulated industries, financial services has taken time to move critical applications and tasks into the cloud. That’s changing, as more companies compete with digital-first fintech operations and provide contactless experiences to their customers. Microsoft Azure for financial services comes with a suite of products such as Industry Data Workbench, Industry Data Models, Loan Managers, Azure AI & Machine Learning, which help companies create more sophisticated financial models that allow them to know their customers better. Azure’s flexible architecture lets financial organizations quickly move between different systems to respond to customer needs and operate more efficiently. 

More flexibility for a large financial company

A bank had stored large amounts of data on physical servers, which was costly to run and made creating innovative applications difficult to do. It now plans on moving thousands of applications from its own data environments and legacy solutions to Azure. Because of Azure’s flexibility and low-code developer environment, it can create new data models, workflows, processes and offerings to become a faster and more nimble digital operation.

Media and entertainment companies have always had massive data storage, hosting and analytics needs. Now they need to use cloud more intelligently. Companies are looking for ways to develop more efficiencies, reduce costs, create better content recommendations, improve their understanding of their customers and more. Azure for media and entertainment is an intelligent combination of cloud and AI-powered tools that do just that. Azure Video Indexer lets companies pull data and other insights from video while Azure Digital Twin, an Internet of Things (IoT) platform, creates a digital representation of a physical asset.

Global media company seeks more accurate content 

A global media company was having trouble categorizing its thousands of content pieces, which resulted in a frustrating customer experience, listing the wrong show episodes online. They tried fixing the problem manually, but it was taking staff hours and hours to keep track of what happened in various scenes. It turned to Azure Video Analyzer to study automatically, frame by frame, everything from the language the video is in to what season a show fits into. They fixed their categorization issues within days, rather than months.

Manufacturing has more or less operated the same way for decades: people and machines inside of a plant put a product together from start to finish as fast as they can. Now, companies want to use cloud and data analytics to speed up production times, optimize factory design, compare the productivity of various plants and more. Even a small improvement in the manufacturing process can add millions to a business's bottom line. Azure for manufacturing comes with the tools companies need to create a more modern assembly line. It includes Azure Industrial IoT, which lets businesses glean information from the machines themselves; Mixed Reality, which lets people see both digital and physical spaces via virtual reality; and Azure Stack, which enables people to build intelligent manufacturing applications that can run across all plants.

Manufacturer finds efficiencies with Azure

ZF, a global technology automotive supplier, wanted to compare the efficiencies between its various plants. It rolled out a Digital Manufacturing Program — built on Azure cloud with PwC’s Factory Intelligence solution — to ingest and analyze data from plants in different countries through advanced analytics, visualizations and automated workflows. ZF is now able to reduce conversion cost, improve overall performance, and increase workforce efficiency and effectiveness across their 192 plants.

The retail industry is mostly using cloud to run its e-commerce platforms and dig into advanced analytics, but that only scratches the surface. Retailers can now automate decisions around what should go on sale, optimal pricing, which shelves to stock, the best time to order goods and more. They also want to simplify their infrastructure footprint costs, create more conversions and reduce energy expenses. Azure for retail helps companies personalize their customer experience, optimize supply chains and create better omni-channel experiences. It includes services like Azure Synapse for Analytics, which helps businesses gain more insights into their customers; Azure IoT, which connects assets and equipment to cloud, and Azure App Service, which lets retailers quickly build web apps and Application Program Interfaces (API) in cloud.

A retailer’s rapid Azure implementation

When an apparel company divested from a larger organization, it was forced to leave its entire IT operations behind. The new entity had 18 months to stand up its complete infrastructure and operations environment including hiring people to run it. It also had to get off its previous ERP, email and collaboration platforms, or risk being left with no IT infrastructure to run its business on. Together with PwC, the company stood up an end-to-end Azure environment where it hosted 100% of its new IT systems and used cloud automation to fast track its migration and development.

Increase productivity, efficiency and your bottom line with PwC and Azure

“PwC brought a holistic solution to help scale our operations and grow profitability through business process automation and integration. Using Microsoft's Business Applications, we're transforming our finance and supply chain operations to be more intelligent, flexible and streamlined.”
– Vanesa Patino
Chief Operating Officer, Valley Forge Fabrics

“With the DMP (Digital Manufacturing Platform) implementation we expect vast improvement to our production as our factories are operating not only quickly and reliably but also in a very highly adoptable way and highly flexible manner enabling great process changes.”
– Gabriel Gonzalez-Alonso
SVP, Head of Corporate Production Management, ZF

“Together with PwC and Microsoft we created a dedicated customer-centric organization. We’re meeting our customers’ changing needs and equipping our sales team with deeper insights. 79% of sales have identified better prospects and 69% identified new customers through these insights.”
– David Steward
Group Chief Operating Officer, Wesleyan

Microsoft recognizes PwC as a 2021 Partner of the Year 

With it’s business-led approach and robust Azure capabilities, PwC is transforming companies by solving their most complex problems. Selected from more than 4,400 nominations in over 100 countries, PwC was recognized across industries and globally. Learn more

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