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PwC's Digital Oilfield solution

Digital is reshaping the field services landscape in oil and gas

Oil and gas companies face price pressures, aging infrastructures, and a complex market where speed, precision, and efficiency are paramount. Digital solutions and new ways of working are critical to enhance production, increase visibility of service operations, accelerate repairs, and bring assets online.

PwC's Digital Oilfield solution is designed with digital and mobile capabilities to transform service operations at the well, depot, and in the field.

Start now to drive the business outcomes that matter most

PwC's Digital Oilfield solution currently connects operations and teams—automating the full field service continuum spanning dispatch, ticketing, and invoicing to increase efficiencies and reduce costs.

The solution helps simplify service for oil and gas companies and helps drive measurable results—fast. As the solution scales—so does the ROI.

Area                       Example benefits for oil and gas

50% reduction in time to forecast demand and headcount

…and far more accurate

Millions more in cash flow

year-to-year through digital tickets and integrated invoicing

20% utilization improvement

of field engineers

Compliance to safety requirements

through mobile alerts, response and digital tracking of events

Effectiveness, manageability, operational awareness

through ticketing and resource tracking of jobs, teams, parts, and timing. Engineering teams arrive and address issues far more quickly

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Manas Pattanaik

Manas Pattanaik

Managing Director, PwC US