Management-driven workflow system to meet your needs

Customizable work queues

Resolution Queue allows you to make the decision on prioritizing accounts. The work queues can be preset or created on-demand using various data fields such as payer, groups, balance, age, etc.

Workflow reporting

The reporting feature within Resolution Queue allows you to view the total inventory by accounts, balance, age groups, current status, productivity, cash collected, and other vital revenue cycle related metrics.

An emphasis on quality to drive better results

PwC has found that if you pressure employees to maximize volume, they may minimize or eliminate the quality follow-up work needed to produce results. Our customizable tools are designed to emphasize the quality of work as well as the quantity of accounts processed.

Delivering sustainable results for healthcare providers

A trusted brand

Benefit from the strong reputation of PwC and gain access to our network of professionals, including coders, nurses, claims remediation specialists, and others to help improve your revenue cycle management.

Insightful reporting

Account activity is tracked through status codes entered by staff when working accounts which are tailored to your needs, while work is performed real-time in your patient accounting system.

Support for your team

During the Go-Live phase, the Revenue Cycle Managed Services’ team will be onsite with your staff to facilitate a smooth transition.

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“Clients tell us the insights and customizable reporting they have at their fingertips, when they use Revenue Cycle Managed Services’ Resolution Queue and products, are significant enablers for revenue cycle improvements they often don’t have in their internal technology platforms.”

The real impact of Resolution Queue

“PwC’s Revenue Cycle Managed Services leverage automation, AI and ML to augment client back-office patient accounting systems and RCM processes with virtual service. Solutions like Resolution Queue help queue accounts via algorithms that drive better real-time insight, while Instilling Quality monitors work quality and automates flagging for added support.”

IDC Research, Next-Generation Revenue Cycle

“This started out as an A/R outsourcing engagement but turned into much more. Along the way, we were able to work with the client as a trusted advisor to help them make significant improvements to their revenue cycle.”

Joshua Cahn, PwC Principal

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“The medical center’s successful resolution of their cash challenges has enabled them to consider a more impactful and holistic transformation of their revenue cycle and the potential to fund this initiative through incoming payments generated as a result of our Revenue Cycle Managed Services’ work efforts.”

Joshua Cahn, PwC Principal

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