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Collaborative impact through intelligent analysis

Built for practitioners

Supercharges your speed-to-insight on change initiatives.

Actionable change strategy

Accelerates the delivery of PwC’s industry-leading OCM methodology.

Award-winning solution

PwC named 2019 “Vanguard Leader” in Change Management by ALM. Read more

Features to build and execute your plan

Boost employee engagement

Deploy a change strategy plan tailored to the unique needs, concerns, and preferences of each stakeholder group in your organization.

Create data-driven transparency

Explore project data from impact assessments, readiness ratings, adoption curves, and change activities for each stakeholder group, all in one system.

Increase speed to insight

Automated digital workflows replace manual spreadsheet templates, enabling teams to deliver insights and next steps on the change strategy sooner in the project.

Adapt to the change environment

Visually explore the change activities planned for the roll-out by stakeholder group, and use on-the-ground feedback to track progress and update the plan in real-time.

Meet the change enablement team

Our Change Management team leaders have come together in PwC Change Navigator to rapidly analyze your organization’s change environment in order to build and execute a change plan. The results? Less time behind laptops, more time in the field engaging with your people.

“Change is the new norm. The world doesn’t stop to wait for business, and without the proper accelerators, companies will be left behind. Adoption Central is the catalyst we need, not just to keep up, but to lead.”

“Navigator lets change practitioners replace weeks of manual spreadsheet manipulation with collaborative digital workflows and automated analytics, increasing the speed-to-insight on transformation projects.”

“Being able to get an accurate picture of how a stakeholder is affected, what activities are planned for them and the success of those activities are key to managing stakeholder adoption in real time. Change Navigator gives me those insights so that I can quickly modify any plans as needed.”

Elevating the change impact

“Change Navigator’s visualization tools allowed us to identify which audiences were most affected by the change and what types of impact the change was having, allowing us to build a plan specifically tailored to address those issues.”

Change Management Lead, Retail Client


“PwC’s new approach to change management replaces a systems view of change with one that is social. To deliver on this approach, the firm is constantly innovating and launched several new solutions in the past year.”

ALM Intelligence, Communications and Change Management Consulting

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