Disruption Profiler

How will your industry be disrupted in the next five years?

Most industries will be disrupted, but each will experience it differently. PwC’s Disruption Profiler will help you find out how your business and your competitors will be impacted by disruption in the next five years.

There are five often overlooked but prescient signals of pending industry change. They reflect more than 20 years of close observation of innovation launches in a variety of industries, including:

  • Regulation
  • Customer behavior
  • Competitors
  • Production technology and models
  • Distribution

Companies that sense change and respond ahead of time will be the first to catch the big wave of small changes. By understanding the threats to your industry, you can respond in ways that make your company stronger. You'll be able to assemble and integrate the capabilities needed for a new, rejuvenated marketplace.

So, let's get started! Answer only 16 questions in the PwC Disruption Profiler. After you've completed the survey, you can compare your responses to those of more than 280 CEOs around the world who also took this survey.

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Understanding the age of disruption: PwC's John Sviokla examines the impact of disruption and how new ways of thinking can reshape the world.


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