Audit and assurance services for private companies

We understand that audit requirements are different for private companies and “one size does not fit all.” PwC’s Private Company Services are experienced in working with business owners and the unique aspects of private companies.

We provide a streamlined approach for private company audits. Working closely in collaboration with you through the audit process, we are able to bring practical insights around issues such as financial effectiveness and internal controls.

What's your ASC 606 game plan as a private company?

With the upcoming deadline for ASC 606 approaching early next year, listen in on what private companies can learn from public companies who have been there and done that. There are steps to be taken now to ensure smooth adoption and implementation for the new revenue recognition accounting standard change.


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Revenue recognition for private companies

With the deadline for the FASB standard change (ASC 606) for nonpublic companies approaching in January 2019, private companies should start determining their next steps now.

In part one of a three-part series on considerations private companies should take in the adoption of ASC 606, read why companies need to start thinking about implementation of the new standard and the methods of adoption available. Revenue recognition for private companies also includes a helpful matrix of the extended ASC disclosure requirements, along with the nonpublic elections. 

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Does my company need an audit?

There are times when an audit is either required or undertaken to provide a full picture of the company’s financial position and operational results.

A quality audit can facilitate your company’s access to capital and having audited financial statements readily available makes good business sense. 

A quality audit for your company will help you:

  • Be prepared for the changing needs of your company
  • Better understand your organization’s weaknesses and strengths
  • Be more confident in your business decisions
  • Have more insight into your operational effectiveness, controls and risk

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Video: Simplifying the audit through innovation

Quality audit: How experience and execution enabled a fast-growing company to make a significant acquisition

The ability to adapt to change is a key element of a company's ability to compete. This is particularly true of fast-growth companies; as the size and structure of an organization rapidly changes, management will often be faced with unfamiliar challenges and opportunities. In many situations, the benefit of experience can mean the difference between success and failure.

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Why work with PwC?

We understand that the audit requirements are different for private companies. Using a streamlined approach to audits, our sophisticated tools drive efficiencies and create a collaborative working relationship.

Hot topics for private company audits 


Private company audit: A collaborative approach 

Our audit strategies, advice and counsel does not end when your deadlines are met. We stay with you every step of the way.  Some of our audit services include:

•       Accounting advisory services

•       Capital market services

•       Risk assurance including third party assurance

•       Tax accounting services

•       Valuation services

•       Internal audit assistance and outsourcing

•       IFRS readiness and conversions

•       Financial statement assurance



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