Wealth management

Globally, wealth management is a large, profitable and expanding industry.

Dynamics and trends—from cybersecurity threats to the increasing role of women—match the growth we’re witnessing in the market. Helping you respond to the changing industry landscape, PwC's wealth management partners and staff have developed tax, advisory, and assurance solutions you can use to meet key industry challenges.

Key industry challenges that PwC can help with

The evolution of advice

There is a quiet evolution sweeping through the industry that goes to the core of its identity: the nature and future of advice. This issue looks at the meaning of trust; the balance between standardization and personalization of advice; the nature of advice and the implication for advisors; and how that advice is delivered.  

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The future of ultra-high net worth and billionaire investors

Over the past three decades, billionaires have generated significant wealth creation. Though the number has been on the rise, less than half of 1995’s billionaires are in that league today. PwC partnered with USB to conduct two Billionaire Surveys. We explored their distinct personality traits and delivered unique insights about creating sustainable legacies, the role of philanthropy and the volatility of wealth.

Find out more about the changing faces of billionaires.

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Intergenerational wealth transfer

As family wealth grows and the business environment becomes more complex, families often need help managing the issues. PwC can help you assess tax considerations, ownership transfer options and standard industry practices related to governance. We can also help effectively communicate the results to family members and other key stakeholders to make sure the value endures well beyond leadership transition.

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Emerging technology

Customers are increasingly comfortable with digital channels, and expect institutions and experts managing their wealth to progressively employ digital tools and practices. Organizations are facing sweeping technological changes that will undoubtedly affect the way our clients do business. PwC can help you keep pace with the rapid change and navigate the evolving risks that make this a challenging area.

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Cybersecurity in wealth management

Increasingly common, cyber attacks impact brand, competitive advantage and shareholder value. While every industry faces cyber threats, wealth management firms are particularly vulnerable. PwC can help you assess and reduce cybersecurity risk, respond to specific cybersecurity incidents and think through the challenges ahead.

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The role of women in wealth

Women play a significant part in wealth creation, with some studies predicting that they may control up to two-thirds of the nation's wealth by 2020. Increasingly, women are becoming billionaires, with strong involvement in family businesses, philanthropic enterprises and governance. As such, there is a growing need for specialized services geared toward women, presenting a huge opportunity for financial advisors to change the way they interact with this client segment.

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The regulatory stance

Regulatory dynamics have added to operational cost and complexity across wealth management business models, with convergence toward fiduciary standards. In addition, the increased sophistication of markets and customers is driving heightened transparency and performance requirements. PwC can help you better understand and respond to the interplay between innovation and the regulators.

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