Seeing your career from new heights

  • Do you want to learn more about and experience our culture?
  • Are you excited to build relationships with those you could work with during your internship? 
  • Do you want to explore what your future may look like at PwC?

PwC’s Elevate program is designed to provide students, with early internship offers, an opportunity to build relationships with PwC professionals while discovering the possibilities of an innovative and digitally enabled career first-hand. As a participant you should be prepared to see your career soar to new heights!

In order to attend Elevate, you must apply to and interview for a 2021 client service internship. Should you receive an early offer, you will also receive an invite to attend an Elevate program!

How to apply

In order to attend Elevate, you must apply and interview for a 2021 client service internship. Should you receive an early offer, you will also receive an invite to attend an Elevate program!

  1. See the opportunities listed below to apply early for a 2021 client service internship!  PwC’s spring national deadline is Tuesday, February 25th, 2020
  2. If selected, you will complete two interviews with PwC professionals. Explore our Entry level recruiting process to learn more.

  3. If you receive an internship offer, you get the invite to Elevate! 

  4. Note: You do not have to accept your internship offer prior to attending Elevate. Come to the program and learn more about PwC before you make your decision.

Elevate Program Eligibility

  • Sophomore status in a four-year program or junior status in a five-year program
  • Preferred Cumulative GPA: 3.3
  • Preferred Major GPA: 3.3
  • Pursuing a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in Accounting, Computer and Information Science, Computer and Information Science & Accounting, Computer Applications, Computer Engineering, Computer Engineering & Accounting, Computer Systems Analysis & Accounting, Information Technology, Information Technology & Accounting, Management Information Systems, Management Information Systems & Accounting, Management of Technology, Systems Engineering & Accounting, Economics, Finance, Taxation, Engineering, Mathematical Statistics, Statistics, Mathematics


Elevate Program Dates & Locations

Elevate 2020 program dates coming soon.

Elevate Program FAQs

Can you tell me about the cost, travel and logistics of this event?
Elevate programs are hosted across the country. Students will attend a program in the office or market for which they received an offer.  Most Elevate programs are 1-3 days in length. Travel and accommodations will be provided by PwC depending on the individual program components and location. Details pertaining to program logistics will be communicated within the program invitation.

Can I change the line of service I want to pursue after attending Elevate?
The program is designed for you to dive deeper into the line of service you received an offer in, however you will also have the opportunity to network with professionals from other lines and learn more about their work. Should you want to pursue an internship in another line of service, discuss with your recruiter following the program.

What if I am not selected for an early internship offer? Does that limit my chances to intern or work for a firm like PwC?
We strongly encourage you to apply to an internship during the standard application timeframe, as we cannot extend early internship offers to everyone. We recognize that this is one of the first steps in the recruiting process for many students -- look at it as the beginning, not the end.


Entry Level Visa Sponsorship Eligibility

As of August 2018, the firm will not be hiring entry level job seekers who are or will be subject to the H-1B lottery, except as set forth here.

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