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The Elevate programs are selective programs for high-achieving college students interested in learning about a fast-paced career in the professional services industry. You will embark on a journey of self-discovery and learning with PwC and other students from across the country. You will gain valuable insight into our firm and our people while discovering leadership skills that you can use. The programs are designed to help you experience PwC's culture and values through a variety of community service, team-building and networking activities. Be prepared to stretch your imagination and challenge yourself to elevate your capacity and proficiency as a leader.



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This summer we will host several Elevate programs across the country. PwC offices are grouped into ten individual markets throughout the country, most of which offer an Elevate program. Students are strongly encouraged to attend the program in which they might want to pursue internship or full-time employment. Most Elevate programs are 1-3 days in length and travel and accommodations will be provided by PwC depending on the individual program components and location. Please contact your recruiter directly for further information.

Students cannot attend more than one Elevate program. During the interview process your recruiter will discuss with you which program may be more appropriate based upon your qualifications and summer schedule.

Why Elevate?

Why apply to Elevate?
PwC's Elevate programs are prestigious events. We receive overwhelming interest in them each year. As an Elevate attendee you will have the opportunity to:

  • Enhance your learning of the professional services industry and PwC's Tax and Assurance services.
  • Build your network of PwC professionals and college peers across the United States.
  • Get an inside track on internship opportunities at PwC.
  • Continue to develop yourself and your brand.
  • Generate excitement related to your goals and future opportunities in professional services.


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Can I apply?

Am I eligible to apply?
Students should demonstrate some of the characteristics we find critical to success at PwC and meet the criteria listed below. The Elevate programs are NOT open to any student who a) has completed a PwC internship, b) has accepted an offer for a future PwC internship, or c) will have accepted an internship or full-time employment offer from another Big 4 accounting firm prior to attending an Elevate program.

Degree Seeking:
Bachelor's, Master's

Major or Minor:
Accounting (with intent to be CPA eligible upon graduation). Some Business Administration, Finance, Information Systems and Computer Science, Liberal Arts, Math, Marketing, Engineering and Health related majors may also be considered.

3.0 or higher cumulative GPA; 3.4 or higher cumulative GPA preferred

College Class Status:
Sophomore status in a four-year program or junior status in a five-year program.

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How do I apply?

How do I apply?
Look on campusjobs.pwc.com for opportunities to apply at your school! Be sure to also visit your career center website to see if PwC will be conducting interviews for the Elevate Program. Selected candidates will participate in a recruitment process including interviews and interactions with a PwC partner or principal, client service manager and/or recruiter.

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What are recruiters looking for in Elevate candidates? 
During the selection process recruiters are looking for individuals who meet our eligibility criteria and demonstrate some of the characteristics we find critical to success at PwC. At PwC, we understand that investing in diverse talent, as well as maintaining an inclusive culture that supports equal employment opportunity principles, promotes innovation, enhances perspectives and solidifies global relevance for our clients' business, as well as our own.

At the Elevate programs we are looking for participants to remain engaged, excited and inquisitive throughout the experience. While the programs are designed to enhance your exposure to and understanding of professional services and PwC, they are also an opportunity for you to teach us about you and all of the great things you have to offer. As with most other things, you will get out what you put into it.

Can you tell me about the cost, travel and logistics of this event? 
Travel and accommodations will be provided for Elevate programs, depending on the individual market program (please ask your recruiter). Details pertaining to program logistics will be communicated within the program invitation.

How many people attend the Elevate programs? 
The size of Elevate programs vary by city and market, but PwC hosted approximately 1,840 students at market programs in 2016.

What if I can’t attend the whole event? 
Given the competitive nature of this program, the event is available only to those students who can commit to attending the entire program. Please discuss any potential conflicts with your recruiter.

What is the next step after attending an Elevate program? 
The Elevate programs are intended to help you develop the skills and characteristics to be successful in the professional services industry. In the past many of our Elevate participants have received internship offers with PwC and ultimately become full time employees. Our goal is to help provide all participants with a solid understanding of the opportunities at a firm like PwC and help lay the foundation for a successful career, whatever you decide that may be.

What if I am not selected for an Elevate program? Have I ruined my chances to intern or work for a firm like PwC? 
Absolutely not! Acceptance into our Elevate programs is a competitive process and we cannot always invite all candidates in which we see potential. We recognize that this is often one of the first steps in the recruiting process for many students -- look at it as the beginning, not the end. The selection process for our Elevate programs is similar to the internship and full time recruiting process, so applying for Elevate is great practice for the internship/full time recruiting process. Whether or not you are selected for Elevate, applying is still a fantastic way to start building a relationship with PwC. With the understanding that not all students can participate in our Elevate programs, our local markets host a number of open social events and networking opportunities throughout the spring and summer that we encourage you to take advantage of. For further information on the events taking place in your local city/school please reach out to your recruiter.

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As of August 2018, the firm will not be hiring entry level job seekers who are or will be subject to the H-1B lottery, except as set forth below.

Certain groups may make exceptions to the above policy.  Entry level job seekers who will need to participate in the H-1B lottery may be considered for the following groups within PwC (please note that PwC may revise these exceptions in its sole discretion at any time):

  • Advisory

    • Cybersecurity & Privacy

  • Assurance

    • Innovation & Technology

    • MIDA

    • Japanese Business Network

    • Actuarial Services

    • Digital Risk Solutions

    • TS Valuation - Financial Analytics & Derivatives (FA&D)

  • Tax

    • Japanese Business Network

    • Transfer Pricing (PhD only)

    • Tax Technology & Compliance

    • Seasonal Tax Positions

  • xLOS

    • MBA candidates eligible for STEM extension

We will continue to monitor the regulatory environment and modify our policy if our business needs change.  If you have questions, please reach out to your school recruiter.

If you are unsure who your school recruiter is, if there is not a recruiter at your school, or you are not currently in school, please reach out to us_pwcimmquestions@pwc.com. Only questions specifically related to immigration will be considered and answered.

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