Careers in Audit Services

PwC’s Audit Services is the perfect blend of people + technology. Join our team of audit professionals who have the passion and skills to make a difference. You’ll work on digitally upskilled audits that put quality first and result in insights for management and the business. You’ll be enhanced by powerful technology to reimagine the possible for our clients and companies around the world, every day. Are you ready to get started?

What we do

PwC professionals in our Trust Solutions segment help to solve important problems and deliver sustained business outcomes to our clients. Trust Solutions brings together our Assurance and Tax Reporting capabilities to better serve the needs of our clients in building trust with their stakeholders.

We are re-imagining business processes through technology enablement, consulting on clients’ complex accounting and financial reporting challenges, providing risk evaluation and leveraging advanced data analytics and process improvement to deliver quality audits. Our focus on quality drives our decision-making, and our actions with clients, colleagues, and other stakeholders.

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External Audit

Delivering a high-quality audit that leverages leading edge technology, advanced data analytics and process improvement is no small feat and requires an incredible breadth of technical and industry experience. A career within External Audit services, will provide you with the opportunity to provide a range of Assurance services to a variety of clients from small, fast-growing clients to large entities. Our clients are often well-known brands and many have broad international reach. We focus on using the latest technology to reduce the level of manual testing and enhance efficiency, quality and the experience for both our people and our clients.

We help companies, management and their boards by providing quality, independent audits of financial statements -- and delivering relevant insights. Through our quality audits of our clients’ financial statements, we play a role in instilling confidence in the capital markets. We exercise professional skepticism, are independent and provide objective, valued insights by combining technical skills and sector experience.

Acceleration Center Tampa - Assurance - PwC’s US Assurance Acceleration Center is based in Tampa, FL, with remote team members strategically located across the country. As a member of our Assurance PwC Acceleration Center Tampa team, you’ll work with US based Assurance engagement teams and/or directly with PwC’s Core Assurance or Digital Assurance & Transparency (DAT) clients. You’ll play a key role in standardization and optimization of new operating models, working collaboratively with key members of PwC’s US Assurance practice towards supporting and piloting automation assets and to expand the center’s service capabilities.

Our Assurance Acceleration Center professionals also have the opportunity to work with our Assurance Centers of Excellence, participating in new types of AC work using innovative technology.

Core Assurance focused teams perform financial statement audits for public and non-public clients across all industries. Digital Assurance & Transparency teams are focused within four solution areas: Tech and Data, Audit Quality & Value, Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) and Trust & Transparency Solutions (TTS). As an Assurance professional, you’ll develop expertise in a range of assurance activities leveraging technology tools and processes to ensure the highest quality.

Assurance Centers of Excellence (COE) - The Assurance Centers of Excellence (COE) provides a career opportunity within our external audit practice to remotely lead & execute specific audit areas from scoping through completion. COEs directly support engagement teams, performing specifically identified audit areas across a portfolio of clients using the latest technology. In the COE you will focus on highly judgmental areas of the audit requiring subject matter insight to enhance the reliability of our clients’ information.

A part of the Assurance COE, you will have the opportunity to work on selected areas of the audit across a wide range of clients in our audit practice. The COE team members are integrated with client-facing members of our engagement teams from planning through the completion phase of the audit, and serve clients in one or more industries and sectors. As part of the Assurance COE you will also have the ability to influence the future of the firm as we redesign the way we work. The role provides broad visibility into a large client portfolio, and will enable you to become a subject matter specialist, both technically and in terms of client insights on specific areas of the audit.

Emerging Company Solutions - As an Emerging Company Solutions (ECS) professional, you’ll help emerging companies address business, financial reporting and regulatory issues that arise in a fast-paced environment. Our ECS group is focused on transforming the way we audit and interact with fast growing, disruptive companies, primarily in the technology, pharmaceuticals and life sciences and FinTech space.
You’ll support emerging companies across a broad spectrum including addressing accounting issues such as stock-based compensation and equity instruments, mergers and acquisitions, complex equity and debt financing arrangements and revenue recognition models. Our dedicated ECS team is developing new digital tools and technology and standardized methodology to transform how we serve clients.

Assurance Innovation & Technology

The Assurance Innovation & Technology Team is at the core of innovation and emerging technology development, discovery, deployment and support activity across the Assurance practice. Our team is leading the effort to digitally enable our business. Our mission is to develop disruptive & innovative technologies and products that drive the evolution of how we deliver our services now and in the future. The key technology domains we are currently focused on include business process automation, data curation, industrialized analytics, machine learning & AI and scalable delivery platform.

Data Engineering - A career in Data Engineering, within our Innovation & Technology team, will provide you with the opportunity to help our business or clients with the redesign, redefinment, and redeployment of data and information system infrastructure to be a strategic asset across the enterprise. You'll focus on assisting them as they incorporate increased automation, machine learning, data & analytics, commercial and open source technologies into their processes to deliver better quality output and contribute more strategically to organizational decision making.

As a Data Engineer, you will work in a team together with Data Scientists, Software Engineers and Product Managers to drive Innovation and Technical solutions into practice. Data Engineers will focus on the design and build out of data models, codification of business rules, mapping of data sources to the data models (structured and unstructured), engineering of scalable ETL pipelines, development of data quality solutions, and continuous evaluation of technologies to continue to enhance the capabilities of the Data Engineer team and broader Innovation group.

Data Science - A career in Data Science, within our Innovation & Technology team, will provide you with the opportunity to help our business or clients to leverage their data assets to drive value across the enterprise. You'll focus on assisting them as they incorporate increased automation, machine learning, data & analytics, commercial and open source technologies into their processes to deliver better quality output and contribute more strategically to organizational decision making. The Data Science team is transforming the way PwC does business. The team helps develop cutting edge data analytic and automation applications using the latest technologies on both big and small but complex data sources. The models will be seen by clients and senior partners within the firm and will help shape how the firm goes to market. The Data Science team works on the cutting edge of technology in an applied context to develop these systems.

Financial Market Information and Data Analytics (MIDA) - A career in our Financial Market Information and Data Analytics practice, within Financial Services Solutions, will provide you the opportunity to use sophisticated models to value complex financial instruments and design strategies that reduce risk and maximise business opportunities for our clients. We help on a wide variety of financial and valuation issues, as well as develop and test financial models, model risk scenarios, validate expertise across various financial areas, and deliver comprehensive analytics addressing client finance issues. Our team is responsible for gathering and distributing market information that supports all sectors and lines of service. Our team provides automated technology solutions to complex problems by analysing, evaluating and testing client data.

Innovation Development - A career in Innovation Development, within our Innovation & Technology team, will provide you with the opportunity to help our business or clients in identifying, solutioning and developing innovative technology products to drive value across the enterprise. You'll focus on assisting them as they incorporate increased automation, machine learning, data & analytics, commercial and open source technologies into their processes to deliver better quality output and contribute more strategically to organisational decision making. Our team helps to create a guided path to innovation by developing the right methods that generate insight based ideas, and to select, produce and commercialise the most valuable and viable results. You’ll focus on software driven innovation strategy, software technology diligence, operating model design, software product planning and management, and software architecture and cloud strategy.

Product Management - A career in Product Management, within our Innovation & Technology team, will provide you with the opportunity to help our business or clients to bring new products to life to deliver value and impact across the enterprise. You’ll focus on incorporating increased automation in critical businesses processes, increase analytic capabilities through data integration, manipulation and consumption lifecycle, and create a UX/UI environment to allow our technology products to deliver better quality output and contribute more strategically to organizational decision making. Our team focuses on building systems that are immediately operational and conform to agile methodologies. You’ll help to increase the speed and efficiency of our ability to bring products to market and support the timely delivery of data to support business decisions.

Assurance National Quality Office

At PwC, our purpose is to build trust in society and solve important problems. One way we fulfill our purpose is through the important role we play in the capital markets, where we help to build trust through our commitment to high quality auditing and financial reporting.

A role in our Assurance National Quality Office provides the opportunity to engage in a broad array of high-impact accounting, auditing, financial reporting and capital markets-related issues. Members of the Assurance NQO work in dynamic teams that bring extensive experience and subject matter expertise. The Assurance NQO works with engagement teams, clients, firm leadership, regulators, standard setters, and other stakeholders to achieve our purpose.

Business Advisory Services (BAS)

Actuarial Services - A career within Actuarial Services will provide you with the opportunity to contribute general insurance advice and consulting services to clients such as insurers, banks, regulators, and third party administrators. You’ll provide advice covering solvency, economic capital, risk management, mergers and acquisitions, company restructuring and risk control, financial modelling, underwriting, new legislation, and the efficiency of claims or reporting processes. Simply put, you might help analyze the impact that new regulation will have on an insurance company’s balance sheet or you could be revising businesses’ projections and making sure they have adequate reserves.

Financial Markets Business Advisory services (FS BAS) - A career within Financial Markets Business Advisory services, will provide you with the opportunity to contribute to a variety of audit, regulatory, valuation, and financial analyses services to design solutions that address our clients’ complex accounting and financial reporting challenges, as well as their broader business issues.

Digital Assurance & Transparency (DAT)

Our Digital Assurance & Transparency practice (DAT) is at the forefront of innovation, supporting both delivery of high-quality, technology-enabled solutions focused on trust and transparency and value-add growth in business and social issues that are top of mind with our clients. As a DAT professional, you’ll be part of an organization with a focus on quality, value, innovation and growth and gain experience across several of our specialized areas of focus throughout your career.
Digital Assurance & Transparency

As a Digital Assurance & Transparency professional, you will play a valuable role in evaluating design and operating effectiveness of controls and providing our clients with insights into their business processes and technology. You will conduct controls and transaction testing and perform readiness assessments to provide observations and recommendations to our clients, including clients’ relationship to and use of emerging technologies, such as cloud, AI and IoT. You’ll review finance, operations and technology processes including monitoring controls over third party providers. You may have the opportunity to provide analysis of service organizations that provide technology, emerging and business functions across ecosystems. You’ll be helping to drive innovation and powering the future of the end-to-end audit through the use of technology with a focus on quality and value.

Digital Assurance & Transparency - Technology & Data - As a DAT Technology & Data professional, you will perform assessments, provide observations and recommendations to our clients for their evaluation relative to digital transformations--enterprise system implementations / upgrades / cloud transformations, their use of emerging technologies (e.g., AI, advanced data science) in the context of business processes, etc.--and leverage data and technology to contribute significantly to deliverables supporting our trust and transparency focus. You will play a critical role in providing our clients with value-add insights into their business through the use of data, analytics, and technologies, and contribute significantly to innovation to transform, enable digitally, and develop next generation solutions.

Digital Assurance & Transparency - Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) - Our DAT ESG professionals specialize in sustainable finance and environment, social and corporate governance (ESG). With ESG risks related to public health, climate change and diversity, equity and inclusion at the forefront of public consciousness, we will provide analysis over ESG disclosures and may help businesses incorporate mitigating potential risks into their long term ESG strategies through projects related to strategy, transformation and reporting.

Process Assurance - A career within Process Assurance services, will enable you to assist clients in optimizing control activities, organizational strategy, and policies and procedures. You’ll conduct transaction testing, perform readiness assessments, and leverage various technical Information Technology controls (e.g. databases, operating systems, data warehouses, and reporting tools) in order to help our clients achieve optimal operational efficiency. As part of these assessments, you’ll review our client’s finance, operations and technology processes, assessing the design and operational effectiveness of control activities, including monitoring controls over third party providers.

Trust and Transparency Solutions (TTS) - As a TTS professional, you'll provide assurance via independent controls reporting and identifying risks and controls weaknesses to help companies build better protections across their entire business ecosystem and increase stakeholder confidence.

We are the only firm with a large scale, global TTS practice as part of their Assurance offerings. Worldwide, PwC has approximately 4,800 professionals specializing in TTS, performing SOC 1, SOC 2, ISAE 3402, and other controls-based TTS engagements. By bringing together industry-specific skills in technology, regulatory compliance, financial and accounting and other business processes, you’ll help clients assess their third party risk management program.

PwC Private

A career within PwC Private will provide the opportunity to help private companies with a range of business advisory needs such as audit, tax compliance, and planning to help improve their operational efficiency and to free up time that can be spent focusing on business strategy. You’ll have the opportunity to experience the entire business life cycle of a private company from inception to growth, maturity, and transition. Our team helps our clients design and implement personal and customized service plans that are unique to privately owned entities, family offices, and high net worth individuals. You’ll be helping the team focus on key issues like audits, tax planning, wealth management, compliance, cash flow management, equity expansion, divestiture and exit strategies.

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