Why accounting? Why CPA? Why PwC?

Deciding if an accounting and CPA career path is for you? Learn more about the benefits and value a career as a CPA can provide.

You should consider being an accountant and getting your CPA. Yes, you.

A career in accounting is not what you'd expect. The accounting field is undergoing a transformation and can offer you a pathway to gain experience and knowledge to create the career of your dreams at PwC and beyond. Learn more about why Accounting might be the right field for you...

Skills to last your entire career

Accounting is the language of business.

Do you want to own your own business or be the CEO/CFO of a company? Knowing the language of business will get you there.

Ability to work anywhere or for anyone

Travel. Flexibilty. Opportunities.

No matter the size or the industry of the business, accounting will always be an intergral and necessary fuction to inform decisions, measure performance and plan costs.

Do you love to travel? Accountants have the opportunity to travel all over the world visiting clients.

Flexibility is more integral to the accounting profession than it has ever been. With the world changing more accounting firms have moved to a hybrid work model or totally virtual. 

Tremendous job security

Accountants play a key role in securing the financial markets; even in an uncertain world, there will be a need for accountants.

Though the role of an accountant has evolved significantly over time, the profession has been around for over a thousand years. Your unique skill set will always be in demand and can be put to work in so many diverse ways throughout your career. You'll also have a clear path of progression (from Associate through Partner) with many opportunities for leadership and growth beginning in your first year.

Technology skills - you'll get those too!

A lot of the repetitive stuff that you might associate with accountants is now being done by bots or other innovative tech tools. 

Audit professionals leverage innovative tools and technologies of today including AI, blockchain, cloud-based technology, data visualization, data wrangling tools and more.

Accounting is a team sport...

Accountants solve puzzles and work in teams. Today’s accountants spend their time working together and gathering intel to solve complex problems; from enabling deals, to mitigating business risks, to helping shut down fraud. And you can do that anywhere! 

What kind of accountant are you? What do accountants do?

Take the accounting+ quiz to learn more about different areas of accounting that might meet your personality and interests. Click on the quiz button at the top of the menu to easily locate the quiz.

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Become a CPA...

So now that you’ve decided to go into Accounting, become a CPA!
  • Higher earning potential. CPAs, on average, make more than unlicensed accountants, often start at a higher salary and receive higher pay increases over time 
  • Prestige. Due to the rigorous requirements, CPAs are considered the gold standard in business and the accounting industry. 
  • Always in demand. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, employment for people with a CPA license is projected to grow by 22% between now and 2028.
  • More career opportunities. CPAs have many doors open to them, because of their credentialing they can work in many different industries.

Why you should start your accounting career at PwC...

Why PwC?

We are dedicated to developing leaders at all levels, and our programs, internships and full-time opportunities are just the beginning. You'll find exceptional training, coaching, flexibility and opportunities for growth and mobility.

  • 191,000+ clients of all sizes and in all industries, across our global network
  • Get an active role in managing your career, using the PwC Professional Framework
  • Define what flexibility means for you
  • World-class benefits, designed to fit you at every stage of life
  • Have unlimited access to training resources on cutting-edge technologies and dynamic business topics
  • Surround yourself people who celebrate diversity and practice belonging

Explore internship opportunities


Destination CPA

Discover what it means to be a CPA at PwC during Destination CPA, our three-day in person immersive experience.

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Your professional development

We’re inspiring and empowering our people to change the world. Here, you’ll learn with purpose, lead with heart and put your skills to work to make a meaningful difference in the world. As part of a diverse team, you’ll build trust and create innovative client solutions in unexpected ways.

At PwC, we are commited to supporting the professional devoplment of our people.

We offer significant incentives to those who obtain their CPA and other primary credentials early, as well as reimbursement and educational programs to help you achieve this goal.

We also offer:

CPA Review Course Program

We offer a CPA review course that supports our professionals as they prepare to sit for the CPA exams. Through this program, PwC pays Becker directly for virtual or in-person CPA review courses.

Educational support plan

The firm provides an education support plan to eligible US staff with educational support of up to $5,250 (non-taxable) per calendar year.

Student Loan Paydown

At PwC, we’re always seeking unique ways to improve the financial wellness of our people. We want to make sure you get your career off to a financially healthy start with our Student Loan Paydown benefit. PwC is the first in the industry to offer this type of benefit.

PwC Alumni

Our people can pursue professional paths that excite them — whether that’s inside or outside our firm, and we will invest in the incredible community of individuals who have worked at PwC.

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